How to Activate Your Central Pipeline*

1.  Visit
2.  Click on [Activate Your Account] and fill in the following:
         -8-digit CCSU ID number
         -Date of Birth
         -Last 4-digits of Socal Security Number
3.  Click on [Activate Account] to obtain or retrieve your BlueNet Account Username, CCSU email address and password.

*Admissions confirmation deposit is not required to create a Central Pipeline account.

Reviewing, Accepting and Signing My Financial Aid

(A.) Checking outstanding financial aid requirements

1.  Visit CCSU's home page at

2.  Point to "CentralPipeline" and click on "Students"

3.  Select "WebCentral-Banner Web"

4.  Log in | BlueNet Username/Password

5.  Select "Financial Aid" tab

6.  Select "Financial Aid Requirements/Documents"

7.  Click "Select Aid Year" and choose appropriate year

8.  Click "Submit" for list of requirements/missing documents


(B.) How do I accept my financial aid?                 

Follow steps 1 through 5 listed above, then:                        

6.  Click "Award by Aid Year/Accept Award"       

7.  Select appropriate year and "Submit'

8.  Click "Accept Award Offer"                                                                  

9.  Accept/Decline, click "Submit Decision" ***             


(C.) How do I sign my financial aid?

10.  Select "Financial Aid" tab

11.  Select "Sign Financial Aid Award Letter/Title IV Authorization"    

12.  Review "Authorization"    

13.  Click "Submit

***Your financial aid award is divided evenly between the fall and spring semesters and cannot be used for a single semester. Notify our office if you intend to only attend for one semester prior to accepting the award. Grants prorate based on credit hours and the Pell Grant will pay 25% of the full time amount for less than 6 credits.

Scholarships, grants, waivers, and other resources received from outside donors are to be reported to the FA Office.

Financial aid is credited to the eBill in June for Fall semester and November for Spring semester.

Billing Deadlines: Fall - July 15 | Spring - December 15. Financial aid is disbursed after the add-drop period.  Credit balances are refunded by check or direct deposit following disbursement.

If you are a first-time borrower at CCSU, review requirements by followin instructions from (A.)