FYE101 Syllabus for Fall 2011 (Pudlinski)  

FYE 101 (First-Year Experience)                                                                                                   

Professor Chris Pudlinski                                                                                                                           

PHONE: 832-2701                                                                 E-MAIL: pudlinskic@ccsu.edu

OFFICE: Vance Academic Center 317-06

OFFICE HOURS: T 1:30-2:30 p.m.; R 8:45-10:30 a.m.; F 8:45-11 a.m.


This 1 credit class fulfills your First-Year Experience requirement and is attached to a section of COMM240 (a required class for all Communication majors).



1.  To aid students in their transition from high school to college.

2.  To help students develop the academic skills necessary to succeed in their courses (e.g., writing, note taking, studying, speaking)

3.  To make students aware of the resources (academic, cultural, personal, and social) available at the university.

4.  To help students develop survival skills (the basic approaches students need to master for preventing and solving problems that inevitably arise)

5.  To help develop a sense of the university as a community in which the students get involved in study groups, extracurricular activities, service organizations, sports, etc.

6.  To enable and encourage students both to think critically and to cultivate their own “voices” through assignments that employ active learning techniques.  





Your final grade will be based upon the successful completion of the following:


WEEKLY JOURNAL ASSIGNMENTS (60% of grade; 5% each):

Good grammar, interesting content, and proofreading will be a key to success.  Unless otherwise instructed, these should be typed.  You will be assigned 13 journals; you must do 12 of them!



You will receive full credit if you attend every class, are never late (nor leave early), and you participate in our in-class activities.


FINAL PAPER (25% of grade; due on December 15th).            

FYE101                                                          SCHEDULE OF EVENTS


Date                Content/Assignments/ FYE Activities                                                          

8/28                 Transition to CCSU (as part of Opening Weekend):                                                             

                                    Academic expectations, differences from high school                      


9/1                   Taking and utilizing good class notes

                        Understanding the syllabus


9/8                   JOURNAL 1 DUE: Personal Coat of Arms

                        PERSONAL OBJECT SPEECH (JOURNAL 2)


9/15                 JOURNAL 3 DUE: Sample In-Class Notes & Evaluation

                        Active listening and active reading strategies


9/22                 JOURNAL 4 DUE: Study Notes for Chap. 1 in COMM240 text

                        Community and campus engagement


9/29                 JOURNAL 5 DUE: Exam Anxiety Questionnaire & Analysis

                        Preparing for exams               


10/6                 JOURNAL 6 DUE: Report on campus activity

                        Critical thinking: The “Wise choice” model


10/13               [IN-CLASS] JOURNAL 7 DUE: Post-exam assessment

                        GPA calculation & mid-semester progress report


10/20               JOURNAL 8 DUE: Self-assessment of one's writing abilities

                        Critical thinking: Writing clearly and critically


10/27               JOURNAL 9 DUE: Academic Dishonesty Scenarios

                        Library resources & research: Tour of Library


11/3                 JOURNAL 10 DUE: Class Selection and Planning for Spring 2012

                        Planning for your major, minor and general education experience at CCSU            


11/10               JOURNAL 11 DUE: Time Management diary & calculation sheet

                        Guest lecture: Time and task management


11/17               JOURNAL 12 DUE: End Of Semester Plan

                        Guest lecture: Memory strategies                  


12/1                 JOURNAL 13 DUE: Perceptions of college life

                        Intergroup communication/simulation: “The Village People”


12/8                 Looking back/Looking forward

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