April 2011 Minutes  

 FYE Steering Committee Meeting – Wednesday April 13, 2011

(11-12:10 p.m. in RVAC317—Communication department conference room)

 Present: C. Pudlinski, M. Leake, J. Conway, L. Tordeni, P. Mihalek, J. Paige, M. Levvis, S. Hazen, S. Mastrobattisto

  1. Committee approved minutes from March 2011 meeting
  2. Update on FYE Budget (one time monies available?)
    1. Meg Leake spoke about the budget for FYE training

                                                               i.      One time money is available is available for training 

                                                             ii.      The budget for the training program is $7,300

1.       $4,800 for peer training

a.       Peers will receive a stipend of $250 per person

2.       $3,500 for faculty training

a.       Faculty will receive a stipend of $150 per person

3.       $ 800 for food

a.       There will need to be breakfast for about 30 people

b.      There will need to be lunch for about 20 people

c.       Scott Hazen

                                                                                        i.      Addition funds for food for peer leaders  is going to come from leadership money

4.       Peer leader training

a.       20 peer leader in total

                             i.      6 of the peer leaders are returning

                             ii.      14 of the peer leaders are new and need training

                             iii.      It might end up being less than 20 peer leaders  

                             iv.      P. Mihalek shared with the committee that he might know of one more student that is interested in becoming a peer leader

5.       Faculty training  

a.       20 faculty members need to be trained

b.      Just faculty who will be teaching in the fall will be invited to the training sessions to help reduce costs  

3.       Brief update on FYE Fall 2011 schedule

    1. Chris Pudlinski discussed some of the details about the FYE Fall 2011 schedule

                                                               i.      There have been some changes since to FYE since last year

                                                             ii.      There are 1,400 spaces for students in FYE courses

                                                            iii.      150 of that spaces are for students with undecided majors

1.       CASE will come into these sections in order to aid with some of the unique issues that undecided majors are dealing with

2.       The person that comes in from CASE will be the advisor to the students in the FYE section  

                                                           iv.      SYS 101 is a 4 credit course

                                                             v.      PE courses will be 2 credits

    1. Joe Paige spoke about staff/faculty mentoring project

                                      i.      He wants to try a different approach with the pilot

                                      ii.      There would be credit given to students for time spent with an adult mentor

                                      iii.      This project would help to be more successful students starting from their first semester of college  

                                      iv.      The project would gives students real world experience

                                      v.      The project would lend mentors from the athletes

1.       The athletic department already has a staff/faculty program in place  

4.       Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society for First Year Students (need advisor)

    1. Chris Pudlinski talked about the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society for First Year Students and how that society is in need of an advisor

                                       i.      The society is currently dormant

                                       ii.      They are currently in the process of looking for a faculty advisor for the society

                                       iii.      The society could serve as a way to recruit peer leaders for FYE courses  

                                       iv.      The is a society that has always been housed in student affairs

b.      P. Mihalek shared with the committee that he has interest in Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society for First Year Students

                                                               i.      He is going to look into it for the next FYE Steering Committee meeting

                                                             ii.      He is a possible person to set it up but then hand it over to another faculty member

c.       Meg Leake mentioned that the graduate intern to the Learning Center could be a possible advisor

  1. Planning for faculty training (May 20th)
    1. Chris Pudlinski

                                                               i.      Starting at 9am until 3pm

                                                             ii.      Training up to 20 faculty

                                                            iii.      Willard suite 101 room 8

                                                           iv.      New members

                                                             v.      Older member who not got trained

b.      Meg Leake

                                                               i.      RSVP deadline April 28th

                                                             ii.      Respond to Natalie Ford

c.       Meg Leak and Chris Pudlinski are going to have a meeting to discuss training and come up with a schedule

d.      Topics that may be covered include

                                                               i.      Learning objectives

                                                             ii.      Study skills

                                                            iii.      Bring in people from the community

e.      Topics will be formatted in 30 min units 

  1. Planning for peer leader training (May 12th)
    1. 9-9:30am peer leaders will meet with faculty member they have been assigned to work with
    2. Chris Pudlinski and Scott Haze are going to have a meeting to discuss peer training
    3. How to deal with required extra tuition for some peers!

1.       Peer leaders who go over 18 credits will have to pay more

2.       They will have the option to participate in the class not for credit

3.       Meg Leake and Scott Hazen will be working on a certificate of completion that students can receive in place of receiving credit for participating as a peer leader

  1. Analysis/discussion of Fall 2010 assessment data (LLCs; peer leaders)
    1. Less engaged on campus
    2. Studying more
    3. Numbers for living learning communities are good/ successful
    4. Students in peer sections connected more with teachers
    5. Peers need to get classes engaged on campus form the beginning
    6. Want to know the differences between commuters vs. non-commuters
  2. Discussion/report:
    1. “FYE Students' Stressors, Coping, Academic Behaviors, Grades, and Retention: An Experience Sampling Study” (Jim Conway)

                                                               i.      80 FYE students survived

                                                             ii.      Wants the input of the committee on what recommendation to make

                                                            iii.      Topics that should be discussed in FYE classes?

1.       Drinking

2.       Skipping classes

3.       GPA

4.       Retention

                                                           iv.      Should drinking be assessed at the beginning?

1.       Talk to Alcohol Education office

                                                             v.      Share information with FYE faculty about

1.       Stress and coping

2.       Attendance

3.       Alcohol

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