Minutes from April 2013 Steering Committee Meeting  

Committee members in attendance: Christopher Pudlinski, Meg Leake, James Conway, Henry Greene, Michele Dischino, Liz Braun, Elizabeth DeGrandpre 

1.      Approve minutes of February 2013 meeting 

Minutes from February 2013 meeting were approved. 

2.      Budget Update 

There are 3 funds:

·         $3,750 for peer leader training

·         $1,570 for community engagement

·         $2,312 for faculty development 

M. Leake will find out the payment process for the faculty development stipends. This will determine how many faculty members will be able to attend the training.  At this time, 12 faculty members have been counted to attend. 

C. Pudlinski will send a preliminary email to new faculty about the training and mention that a stipend is included.  

C. Pudlinski will also ask S. Hazan if he would be able to fund the food for the trainings. 

3.      Update: Fall 2013 FYE sections (and peer leaders) 

C. Pudlinski reported that there are 26 new peer leaders and a total of 35 peer leaders. There is still an opening for a nursing peer leader. 

1340 first year students are predicted to be entering in the fall. There should be enough slots for all of the incoming students. The approval for PE 150 is still pending. 

M. Leake reported that FYE had the highest return rate of students coming back to CCSU from fall to spring semester (based on the results from the latest retention report and an ongoing study). 

C. Pudlinski will meet with CACE on April 22 to discuss the list of FYE sections. 

4.      Finalize Planning:

a.       Peer leader training (May 2)


Training is required for all new peer leaders. Breakfast, lunch and a small scholarship stipend will be provided. 

Tentative FYE Peer Leader Training Agenda

Location: Philbrick room, Student Center

8:30-9:00am Icebreaker activity

9:00-9:45am What is FYE?

10:00-11:00am Community and Campus Engagement

11:00am-12:00pm Discussion: Experiential learning outside the classroom

12:00-1:00pm Lunch

1:00-1:30pm Open discussion with returning peer leaders

1:30pm Looking towards August: Wrap-up ad feedback


M. Leake mentioned to consider outside of class opportunities to be emphasized as part of the peer leader role. For example, setting up a free coffee program at Jazzman's Café for peer leaders and the students to meet.


M. Dischino suggested showing the results from former peer leader surveys and the FYE assessments. C. Pudlinski will integrate the results into either the May or August training.


C. Pudlinski will reach out to S. Hazan to figure out what peer leaders to invite for the open discussion with returning peer leaders. The committee decided it would be best to have at least three returning students for the discussion.


b.      New faculty development (May 10) 

There are 12 new faculty members, including CRM (which does not have an assigned faculty member).  

Faculty development is required for all faculty members new to teaching in the FYE program or teaching FYE 101 for the first time. Breakfast, lunch and a stipend will be provided. 

Tentative FYE Faculty Development Agenda

Location: The Learning Center, Willard 101-08

8:30-9:00am Continental breakfast

9:00-9:30am Introduction

9:30-10:30am Designing an FYE course

10:30am break

10:45-11:30am New student success initiatives (changed from Access2Success)

11:30am-12:15pm FYE Students' Stressors, Coping, Academic Behaviors, Grades, and Retention

12:15pm lunch

12:45-1:15pm What happens before students arrive?

1:15-1:45pm The role of peer leaders

2:00-3:00pm Sharing “best” practices panel

3:00-3:30pm Who are our first-year students? 

M. Leake suggested adding a section on what happens to students once they are accepted into the university, specifically through Orientation and CACE.  

C. Pudlinski will add 30 minutes after lunch for CACE and Summer Orientation to discuss “What happens before students arrive?” 

C. Pudlinski will contact Kris Larson, Robbin Smith and Tom Vasko to see if they would share their FYE best practices. Henry Greene already agreed to present. 

C. Pudlinski will reach out to the peer leader, Taylor Pacekonis to see if she will share her peer leader role and experience.            

5.      Discussion of summer FYE activities

These agenda items will be discussed in more detail next committee meeting.

a.       Advising & Registration Days

C. Pudlinski will be involved in the advising and registration days.

b.      Opening Weekend

FYE will participate in opening weekend. For the most part, all peer leaders will be orientation leaders.

c.       Website updates?

M. Leake has new lessons to post and update on the website.

C. Pudlinski will do an inventory of what information is completed and what should be replaced.

M. Leake mentioned that her lead academic coach may be able to take inventory and update the website.

6.      Planning for elections of new members (at next meeting)

a.       School of Engineering & Technology

Michele Dischino will remain on the FYE steering committee.

b.      School of Arts & Sciences

Jim Conway will not be returning next year to the FYE steering committee.

C. Pudlinski will send an email out to the School of Arts & Sciences about a new member.

c.       Peer leader

This will be discussed at the next meeting.

7.      FYE assessment (issues, new plan for Fall 2013)

Next year the FYE assessment will be completed through survey monkey.

At this time, there are no assessment results due to the incorrect bubble sheets that were used to complete the survey.

C. Pudlinski and J. Conway will work together to figure out how to get accurate results from the raw data that was compiled.

M. Leake will inquire about using funds to hire a student or faculty member during summer one to help compile the assessment data.  

8.      Other business?

The next committee meeting will be held on Monday, April 29, 2013 from 11:00am-12:15pm in TBD.



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