April 28, 2010 Minutes  


FYE Steering Committee Meeting – Wednesday April 28, 2010 - 11:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. (RVAC317-11)

Members in Attendance:  C. Pudlinski, M. Leake, P. Baumann, P. Mihalek, S. Walsh

1.       Approve minutes of March 2010 meeting

a.       Minutes of the March 2010 meeting were approved.

2.       Report: Feedback from presentations to Faculty Senate and CACE

a.       C. Pudlinski reported that the presentation to Faculty Senate went smoothly.  Pudlinski reports that he spent 50 minutes with CACE going over the FYE schedule and discussing FYEs for various majors.  CACE reported no issues with the FYE drop policy and agreed that students must go through CACE  to make any adjustments to the FYE course on their schedule.

P. Mihalek asked if a student could drop a course but not the FYE component.  Pudlinski responded that a student would need to keep both.

P. Mihalek suggested that an announcement be sent to all FYE faculty about this policy.  M. Leake suggested that wording regarding this policy be placed into the syllabi.  Mihalek also suggested sending this information to all Deans' offices.

3.       Elections of new members: School of Business, Education & Professional Studies

a.       C. Pudlinski reported that he received no responses to his solicitation for people interested in serving on the FYE Steering Committee.  Meg Levvis was happy to be invited to join the committee.  C. Pudlinski moved to recommend P. Mihalek (School of Business) and Meg Levvis (School of Education and Professional Studies) to the FYE Steering Committee for a two-year term.  M. Leake seconded in the motion.  All approved.

The committee discussed a new secretary for next year.

4.       Update: Scheduling peer leaders (and FYE 301) for Fall 2010

a.       C. Pudlinski reported that 2 peer leader candidates have dropped out and one has been replaced.  There are currently 16 peer leaders signed on.  Pudlinski reported that FYE 301 (course for peer leaders) will be held every other Friday afternoon from 2-3:50pm.  Pudlinski will let the peer leaders know this; he will have a CRN next week.

The committee discussed tuition waivers for students in FYE 301.  Four of the peer leader candidates already have 17-18 credits next semester and will need a tuition waiver for the FYE 301 course.  Pudlinski mentioned that Dr. Joe Paige would need to be consulted about this.  M. Leake mentioned that the Bursar would need to be made aware as well.  Pudlinski stated that he would register the students in this situation later on and asked M. Leake to contact Joe Paige about this.

M. Leake stated that she will need the peer leaders' SSN's to process the paperwork for the stipend and reminded the committee that in the future this information will be needed in advance.

Pudlinski reminded the committee that the stipend will be $250.

P. Mihalek asked if the peer leaders needed to fill out any forms.  M. Leake responded in the negative.  P. Mihalek suggested that the committee inquire about the W4 form.

5.       Update: Thursday May 13th faculty development and peer leader training

a.       C. Pudlinski distributed the agenda for the faculty development and the peer leader training day.  Pudlinski reported that there will need to be an August date due to some people not being able to attend the May date and the possible new hires that may be brought on during the summer.  Pudlinski provided an updated list of names of those individuals attending the May development day (will be a group of approx. 10).

Pudlinski stated that the second peer leader training day would be either 8/26 or 8/27 to coincide with the additional faculty development day.

C. Pudlinski stated that training will be in Copernicus Hall 236.

P. Mihalek suggested that the development day be podcasted, at least the new information that will be presented.

6.       Update: Opening Weekend and FYE involvement

a.       C. Pudlinski will talk with Ramon Hernandez (Student Affairs) about the schedule for Advising Days.  For opening weekend (8/28), the students will be grouped by their FYE section and the organizers are inviting faculty to meet with their students from 11-12.  If the faculty cannot attend, the orientation leaders will have an activity.  The committee discussed ways that this hour could be used and deliberated on ideas.

C. Pudlinski discussed advising days and the need for someone to be available on June 24th to staff the resource fair.  Pudlinski reported that Kris Larsen would be available for some time and P. Mihalek reported that he could be here for part of that day.  Pudlinski stated that he will get a sense for the times that people would be needed and let those involved know.

7.       Developing an FYE brochure: Any ideas?

a.       C. Pudlinski opened up discussion about what would need to be included in an FYE brochure.  The committee mentioned the following:  “What is FYE?”, graduation requirements and details, transition to CCSU and the small FYE class size, opportunity to meet people, skill development, learning outcomes, language indicating the FYE drop policy, pictures, how FYE is proven to improve academic performance, and quotes from students.

C. Pudlinski stated that he will work on designing the brochure after the semester is over and will send a copy for feedback by June 15th.

M. Leake will check on the Copy Center's hours of operation during the summer months.

The committee discussed the budget and funds available with regard to copy costs.

8.       “Water”:  Required common reading for all FYE classes?

a.       P. Mihalek suggested taking a poll to see if anyone is using a book now.  Pudlinski will consult syllabi from FYE courses and discuss how to handle a common reader next year.

9.       Other business?

a.       Pudlinski made the FYE section room assignments available to the committee. 

The committee thanked Sean Walsh for his service and contributions to the FYE Steering Committee.          


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