April 6, 2009 Minutes  

1.      1.       Approve minutes of March 2009 meeting

a.       Minutes approved unanimously

       2.       FYE Training/Development (May 1 and/or May 15):

a.       Planning the day's events

                                                               i.      Due to budget, events will be limited to first-time instructors

                                                             ii.      FYE intro with evaluation and learning outcomes 1 hour

                                                            iii.      Presentation by Dr. Braden Hosch 1 hour

                                                           iv.      Student services panel featuring TLC, Counseling and Wellness, Library, SA/LD, and Career/Advising 1 hour

                                                             v.      Academic Integrity and Reading Strategies 90 minutes

                                                           vi.      FYE toolkit 30 minutes

                                                          vii.      BEST practices and web site  - 1 hour

                                                        viii.      Event will run from 8:30am-3pm on May 1.

b.      Limits on providing stipends

                                                              i.      Faculty can be paid clock hours, amounting to $250 for 6.5 hours

      3.       Committee by-laws and make-up (COMMENT ON THE FOLLOWING)

a.       The First Year Experience steering committee shall consist of the following voting members: one faculty representative each from the School of Arts & Sciences, Business, Education & Professional Studies, and Engineering & Technology; the Director of the Learning Center; a Vice President of Academic Affairs; a Vice President of Student Affairs; and the Faculty Director.

b.      Annually, the steering committee will nominate 4 faculty members to serve on the committee for the subsequent year.  These nominations will be forwarded to the Dean of the associated School for approval.

                                                               i.      Members should be nominated for two years, with terms staggered by school

c.       The Faculty Director will serve for a three-year term (currently from July 2008 to June 2011).  In the Fall of the Faculty Director's third year, the steering committee will elect a Faculty Director to serve for a subsequent three-year term.  There are no term limits; directors can serve for more than one three-year term.

d.      The steering committee reports to the Provost (or the Faculty Senate?)

                                                               i.      If part of senate, then voting would change to a university vote

                                                             ii.      Can't go back on being part of senate once the committee has joined

                                                            iii.      Dr. Conway: Is it okay that the committee is composed almost entirely of faculty members but is not part of Faculty Senate?

       4.       Follow-up on course evaluation and learning outcomes assessment (see prior e-mail)

a.      Question 14, as well as 29-35 should be deleted, and question 5 should be re-worded to say I can explain the general purpose and role of general education requirements

       5.       Discussion:  Do we need course textbooks/readers?

a.      Instructors teach the course differently so a standardized textbook would not be an ideal option.  Meg and Chris will look at readers to determine if they may be appropriate

       6.       Discussion:  How shall we best facilitate research being done on our first year students?

a.      Don't want to discourage research but there is a high demand and time is limited.  Research can be done during the course of opening weekend.

       7.       Any other business?

       8.       Next Meeting/Lunch: Monday May 4, 12:30 p.m.





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