December 2010 Minutes  


Present: P. Mihalek, L. Tordenti, P. Baumann, J. Conway, C. Pudlinski


1. The minutes were approved as submitted.


2. FYE Retreat Planning The retreat will be Jan. 20.  The topic will be self-regulation by students; we will invite non-FYE faculty (up to 15)


3. Peer Leader Discussion will happen on Jan. 20 after the retreat, with faculty who had peer leaders


4. Budget

            * We got about $20,000 in one-time funds last year

            * We will ask for funds for 10 new peer leaders and 5 returning at $300 per peer leader (15 x 300 = $4,500)

            * We will request that activity funds be included in our base budget

            * We will ask for all the same items as one-time funds

            * Chris will run this by Meg Leake and put together the final budget request


5. Spring 2011

             * 24 students did not get FYE in Fall 2010; 15 already registered for spring

            * 22 new (incoming) FYE students; we expect that all will be registered for a FYE course


6. Looking to fall 2011

            * There will be some changes in instructors, and new FYE classes including FYS classes

            * CONNCAS Possibly have FYE 101's (one for African American students and one for Latino students?) linked to another class (but what other class is not clear maybe a zero-credit mentoring seminar)


7. Common Reading We want a stronger academic component for opening weekend, possibly involving a common book read over the summer.  There could be a discussion during opening weekend, integrated into FYE meeting



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