December 2012 Minutes  


Committee Members in attendance: Christopher Pudlinski, Meg Leake, Henry Greene, Scott Hazan, James Conway, Michele Dischino, Liz Braun, Elizabeth DeGrandpre

1.      Approve minutes of November 2012 meeting

Minutes from November 2012 meeting were approved.

2.      Budget update

$1,000 of the $2,000 has been spent from the community engagement fund. S. Hazan suggested that next semester the remainder of funds could go towards one to two events with all FYE students.

At the end of the spring 2013 semester, there is time for training of new peer leaders and faculty.

Next year's budget request will include, funding for 35 new peer leaders, training for the peer leaders and faculty, and stipends.

Ideas for the community engagement fund:

        Common reading

        Movie discussions

        Common Intellectual Experience

        Pick a theme for FYE courses

        Build more out of the class experience with peer leaders (utilize experiences from Blue Devils Advocates program)

M. Leake will present the proposed budget at the next steering committee meeting.


3.      Update: Spring 2013 enrollment

There are 23 of 35 students registered in FYE classes for spring 2013. 70 first year students have been accepted to CCSU for the spring, 42 of those students have confirmed they will be attending school at CCSU. The spring 2013 FYE course enrollment numbers do not include the entering first year students.

What if a student fails to complete an FYE?

        Students may enroll in an FYE in the second semester.

        Students who are on probation complete an intervention in The Learning Center, which substitutes for the FYE requirement.

        The Registrar will include the FYE requirement as part of the graduation requirement in the near future.  


4.      January faculty development session (finalize details)

All who have taught FYE over the last five years will be invited, along with each department chair or someone who is interested in participating.

C. Pudlinski will send a save the date this week (12/3-12/7). M. Leake with send out a formal invitation later.

Snacks and drinks will be provided at the beginning.

FYE Faculty Symposium on the Future of FYE @CCSU

10-10:40AM: Keynote SCSU's model FYE program Nicole Henderson

Associate Professor of English, Director, First-Year Experience Program, SCSU

        Presenting the successes and challenges of their FYE program

        Provide ideas of what CCSU can implement

        Discuss impact assessment

        Present how the partner with student affairs

        SCSU started their program roughly 5 years ago

10:40-11AM: Questions for Keynote, Nicole Henderson

11AM-12PM: Small groups brainstorm (where we might go from here to improve our FYE) and report out

        Assign one person as a group leader

        25 minutes for small groups and 25 minutes for reporting out


12-1PM: Faculty best practices panel discussion

        Invite six faculty from different departments that teach all sections of FYE to participate in a panel discussion

        Each panel participant will have 8-10 minutes to talk

        Further discussion from the panel can occur over lunch


1-1:30PM: Lunch and continued conversation

1:30-2PM: Honoring the contributions to FYE at CCSU

        All who have taught 3-5 years of FYE

        Director and Coordinator of FYE

        All participants on the FYE steering committee


Small group discussion topics:

        Campus engagement

        Key pieces from the keynote (common reading, Student Affairs integration)

        Peer Leaders

        Common Intellectual Experience

5.      Planning and recruiting for Fall 2013 FYE sections

M. Leake suggested inviting the chairs or a person interested from every academic department to the faculty development symposium.

Recruitment will discussed further at the next meeting.

6.      Set our Spring meeting schedule (does 2nd Monday at 11:30 still work?)

Meetings will continue in the spring on the last Monday of every month from 11:00am-12:15pm in RVAC106. The first meeting for the year will be held on January 28.

7.      Other business?

M. Leake relayed the message from Joseph Paige about making sure all FYE sections are relaying the same material about important information for all first year students, for example, degree auditing.

S. Hazan suggested the creation of a mock registration for the Peer Leaders to use with first year students.

S. Hazan requested to discuss the possibility of linking student affairs to academic affairs as liaisons in the FYE classroom, similar to what SCSU is already doing. 

The next committee meeting will be held on Monday, January 28, 2013 from 11:00am-12:15pm in RVAC106.

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