DECEMBER 8, 2008 Minutes  
Agenda for FYE Steering Committee Meeting

Monday, December 8, 2008   12:45-1:45 p.m. (RVAC 320)

1.              Approve minutes of November 2008 meeting

a.      Minutes approved unofficially.  Dr. Conway and Dr. Paige not present.

2.              Update on Spring 2009 FYE courses (handout)

a.      90 of 100 students are already registered for FYE

b.    Some students are still unaware of embedded FYE.  Put notice on syllabi.  “This is a first year experience designed to help transitions to college.”

3.              2009-10 FYE budget (handout)

a.      Request between 50k and 60k

b.      Meg will send the budget to the committee.  Budget presentations in early February.

c.    Letters will be sent to departments about adjunct reimbursements for three credits of FYE instruction

4.         Planning for the Thursday January 22, 2009 retreat

a.      What do we wish to discuss?

                                                              i.      Get faculty to network, get feedback on program, and certificates for recognition along with thank you letter from the president. Send a carbon copy to department chairs and deans. 

                                                            ii.      Get RSVPs via e-mail.  Meg will order food. Send update in January.

                                                          iii.      Goal is attendance from fifty percent of FYE faculty with invitations sent to anyone who has taught FYE in the past two years.

                                       iv.    Discussion sessions: 101 versus embedded, learning communities and majors only courses

b.      Ideas for activities/schedule

                                                              i.      8:30 – Continental Breakfast

                                                            ii.      9:15-9:45 – Presentation by Braden Hosch and discussion

                                                          iii.      10:00 – Best practices

                                                           iv.      11:00 – 2-3 small groups for discussion sessions on embedded vs. 101 and learning communities and majors only courses

                                        v.    Noon – Lunch accompanied by a quick faculty development survey and checklist

5.              Brainstorming: Agenda items for Spring steering committee meetings

a.      Improve web page for instruction materials

b.      Add assessment component and learning outcomes

c.       Faculty development and training

d.      Invite Braden Hosch for discussion

e.    Diversity and community engagement components

6.      Any other business?

7.      Next Meeting: Monday February 2 , 12:30-1:45 p.m.



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