FEBRUARY 2, 2009 Minutes  


1.       Approve minutes of December 2008 meeting

a.       Minutes approved unanimously by attendees C. Pudlinski, J. Conway, M.Leake, S. Walsh

2.       Update on Spring 2009 FYE courses (handout)

a.        Most students enrolled are in their second semesters.  96 of 170 students with no FYE are enrolled in FYE for spring.

b.       Only 12 of 24 students enrolled in MUS 110 are in the FYE component, which is undesired but a special circumstance.

c.        Target for next spring's new students would be two ENG 110 sections and an additional course, possibly PSY 236.

3.       Good news about Fall 2009 scheduling!!! (handout)

a.        There will be at least eight new FYE instructors that will need training.

b.       Need to double-check that the caps for the new sections are okay.

c.        The search for potential Math 101 FYE instructors went well. Now waiting for university approval. The hiring freeze may affect the number of FYE instructors.

d.       There are 1500 spaces in FYE sections for the fall with a need for 1400 new students to be enrolled.  Some sections may not remain available for the Fall semester.

4.       Faculty Retreat: feedback and follow-up

a.       Brainstorming ideas and dates for FYE Faculty Development

                                                               i.      Present following options to new instructors and decide based on feedback: Friday, May 1, Friday, May 15 (Reading Day), or Friday, June 6

5.       Discussion: Adding a member from Student Affairs to this committee?

a.       J. Conway: It is a good idea. There is value in forming a connection and faculty and student affairs have similar goals to accomplish.

b.       Recommendation of Dr. Laura Tordenti, Interim Vice President, Student Affairs

6.       Any other business?

7.       Next Meeting: Monday March 2, 12:30-1:45 p.m.

a.       Invite Braden Hosch and discuss assessment/course evaluation?

                                                               i.      Ask Braden Hosch to speak briefly at beginning of next meeting

                                                              ii.      Ask for syllabi from each instructor and add course evaluation component



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