February 2010 Minutes  


Committee Members in Attendance:  Chris Pudlinski, Meg Leake, Sean Walsh, Peter Baumann, & Jim Conway

1.       Approve minutes of January 2010 meeting

a.       Minutes for the January 2010 meeting were approved unanimously.

2.       Update and Continuing Discussion: Implementing student leaders (peer mentors) for Fall 2010

a.       C. Pudlinski distributed a handout of the proposed FYE 301 syllabus that is currently in curriculum committee.  Pudlinski discussed the process of identifying and meeting with potential peer leaders.  Pudlinski mentioned that he would personally register those students into the course. 

M. Leake has stated that students are receiving the idea positively.  The committee discussed different ways to seek out students for the student leaders program.  M. Leake suggested that using the student leaders during advising days would be a good idea.

3.       Course proposal for Fall 2010: FYS102 (Sustainability: see below)

a.       C. Pudlinski was approached by the Teacher Education chair about this course.  Sustainability is an important topic at CCSU.  This course would be taught by an adjunct that would be paid by the teacher education department.  The course would be offered to pre-education majors.  The course is believed to fit into Study Area II.

P. Baumann questioned whether or not the committee is comfortable with an adjunct teaching an FYS course. 

M. Leake stated that it would depend on how connected the adjunct has been to CCSU.  The committee discussed this topic and concluded that experience with the campus community would be very important.  M. Leake stated that the course curriculum would need to honor the FYE learning outcomes. 

C. Pudlinski stated that he would forward the learning objectives to the school of education and get more information about the person teaching the course.  M. Leake asked that he mention the option of an attached FYE.

4.       Update: Current status of anticipated Fall 2010 FYE sections

a.       C. Pudlinski stated that there will be the same amount of courses for fall 2010 as there were for fall 2009.  There will be three living/learning communities. 

P. Baumann and C. Pudlinski discussed the possibility of an ENGR 150 community. 

C. Pudlinski stated that he is looking for another living/learning community. 

J. Conway brought up the question of different genders in the same community.  The entire committee discussed the logistical issues. 

S. Walsh expressed interest in a community.  C. Pudlinski and S. Walsh discussed various PE FYE's. 

P. Baumann gave the times for ENGR FYE courses. 

C. Pudlinski will have a schedule for the next meeting as he is still waiting to hear from some departments.

 S. Walsh questioned whether or not FYE has full coverage for next semester and C. Pudlinski stated that there is full coverage. 

P. Baumann discussed some registration issues.   

5.       Update: Status of FYE budget for 2010-11

a.       M. Leake provided an itemized base budget breakdown with explanations. 

C. Pudlinski asked that copying be included in the budget and that adjunct expenses also be noted in the budget. 

S. Walsh questioned whether or not the budget could plan for activities funds for all FYE courses. 

The entire committee discussed the budget breakdown and fund allocation. 

M. Leake will be meeting with Brain Sommers to discuss the budget and will make note of adjunct expenses.

6.       Discussion: How to implement FYE add/drop restrictions for Fall 2010

a.       C. Pudlinski stated that the Registrar has agreed to restrict students from dropping FYE courses and that the process would be facilitated by CACE.  Dropping the FYE course will not be permitted and the student will have to have a discussion with someone, should action need to be taken.  Pudlinski stated that very specific directions will need to be given for this process. 

S. Walsh suggested a flow chart for the process.  The entire committee discussed the procedure for dropping an FYE class as well as for withdrawing from one prior to midpoint. 

C. Pudlinski will discuss this issue with concerned parties and draft a procedure.

7.       Other business?

a.       The FYE course evaluation data is in and will be distributed soon.  J. Conway will look at the data and see how it can be assessed.


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