Minutes from February 2013 FYE Steering Committee Meeting  

Committee members in attendance: Christopher Pudlinski, Scott Hazan, James Conway, Henry Greene, Michele Dischino, Liz Braun, Elizabeth DeGrandpre

1.      Approve minutes of January 2013 meeting

 Minutes from January 2013 meeting were approved. 

2.      Budget Update 

There is no budget update at this time. 

3.      Update: Fall 2013 FYE sections (and peer leaders) 

There are currently 1,393 seats, 62 sections for FYE. The goal is to have 64-65 sections for the estimated 1,350 incoming first-year students. 

Highlights from the preliminary list of FYE fall 2013 sections:

         There are 11-12 new faculty members teaching FYE; therefore a new faculty FYE training is a necessity.

         CRM 110 may have a new faculty professor.

         A business and science section needs to be added.

         Design went from two sections to one section. Students that are majors that do not get into this section are allowed to enroll in another course.

C. Pudlinski will reach out to see if BMS 111 and MGMT 295 sections can be added.  

Peer leader update for FYE fall 2013 sections:

         33 sections have a peer leader. The goal is 35 sections.

         There will now be an honors section with a peer leader.

         A PE 144 will have a peer leader.

         C. Pudlinski will recruit peer leaders in the honors courses

         C. Pudlinski will approach PE 144, PE 150 and ENG 110 about adding a peer leader to reach the goal of 35 sections.

         There are roughly 12 returning peer leaders.

o   Eight have been interviewed.

o   The other students have not gotten back to C. Pudlinski.

         Eight orientation leaders were approached to be interviewed for a peer leader position.

         A few professors did not ask for peer leaders again.

LLC's will remain the same as this year. There is going to be an all first-year residence hall that will not include LLC's. The roughly 108 slots are anticipated to fill up quickly; therefore that should not interrupt LLC numbers. 

4.      Planning

a.       Peer leader training


Tentative date is Thursday, May 2 from 8:30am-1:30pm.


C. Pudlinski will lead an hour discussion on what FYE is and FYE learning objectives. S. Hazan will lead an hour session on peer leader objectives/expectations.

         What have they learned from outside the classroom?

         How can they articulate that? Think about the learning that occurs

H. Greene suggested that the peer leaders actually practice their role.


Faculty will be invited to join around/during the lunch hour for a chance to meet their assigned peer leader.


There will be an open discussion with returning peer leaders. L. Braun will look into returning students to participate in the discussion.


C. Pudlinski will bring an updated agenda to the next meeting.


b.      New faculty training


Tentative date is Friday, May 10 from 8:30am-3:30pm.


The agenda from former trainings will remain. An addition of peer leader involvement and discussion will be included, as well as a discussion about data on who are the first-year students.


J. Conway proposed to include an introduction to peer leaders. L. Braun suggested that a few peer leaders should come and talk to the faculty about being a peer leader. C. Pudlinski said he will implement 30 minutes to discuss the peer leader program.


H. Greene recommended that sharing FYE best practices with the new faculty would be a good idea. S. Hazan mentioned that there could be break out faculty presentations for embedded and non-embedded FYE courses. There are 30 FYE 101 courses (of the courses offered, half are FYE 101 and the other half are not).


S. Hazan or C. Pudlinski will present the data about the first-year class. He will reach out to Yvonne Kirby for that information.

5.      Other business? 

Should evaluations be conducted through survey monkey or remain paper?  

C. Pudlinski stated that currently there is a 75-80% return rate of paper evaluations, but the process is time consuming. 

S. Hazan suggested that students could be hired to input the information and do data analysis. This would decrease the turnaround time to receive the master excel spreadsheet that is created each year. 

H. Greene proposed that students should not receive their FYE grade until they complete the survey (through survey monkey). He added, to have students complete the survey in class on their smart phones or have other online access to the survey in the classroom. 

S. Hazan mentioned that the survey could be completed through collegiate link. It would require students to log in which would affirm their college ID and their completion of the survey. The results could also be exported to excel. 

Everyone agreed that the survey should no longer be scantron. This discussion will be tabled until the summer.  

The next committee meeting will be held on Monday, April 1, 2013 from 11:00am-12:15pm in RVAC317-11. 

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