Minutes for FYE Steering Committee Meeting  Wed. Jan. 27, 2009 11:30 am - 12:45 pm  

Committee Members in Attendance:  Chris Pudlinski, Meg Leake, Sean Walsh, Paul Mihalek, Jim Conway, & Peter Baumann 

1.       Approve minutes of December 2009 meeting

a.       Minutes for the December 2009 committee meeting were approved. 

2.       Discussion: Implementing student leaders (peer mentors) for Fall 2010 pilot

a.       C. Pudlinski reported that there are 18 people interested in taking part in the peer mentor pilot program for fall 2010.  S. Walsh mentioned setting up goals for the program and questioned having student leaders in every FYE section.  Walsh mentioned that this would take a lot of resources.

M. Leake stated that resource allocation is difficult and mentioned using one time funds to train the student leaders at the end of the semester.

C. Pudlinski stated that training should take place in May or June with 18-20 student leaders with a stipend of $300 to cover training.

M. Leake stated that there is still no specific “FYE Budget” and each expenditure is coming from a different “line”.

P. Mihalek suggested that the committee should ask those faculty that have specific peer leader candidates in mind first to participate. 

C. Pudlinski reviewed the list and identified 15 people for the program. 

P. Mihalek suggested that for those faculty who teach two sections of an FYE, one section would be with a student leader and one without for assessment purposes.

M. Leake brought up the questions of how this program will be sustained and what resources will be needed for the program.

C. Pudlinski stated that he likes ECSU's model ($300 training stipend and a 1-2 credit course).  Pudlinski is willing to co-teach the course.  Pudlinski also mentioned that perhaps this course could be used for general education credit and may function within the proposed leadership minor.

M. Leake stated that the program should be viewed as prestigious, fun and gratifying.  Leake also stressed that once started students should be recruiting other students for the program.

C. Pudlinski and P. Mihalek agree that the “every other week” model for the 1-2 credit class would work well.  M. Leake stressed that, from experience, two hours per session would be needed for this class.

P. Mihalek questioned whether or not students would have to pay for the credits for this course if it puts them over the credit limit.  The committee agreed that the peer leaders should not have to pay for these credits and overage would need to be allowed.

M. Leake stated that the student leaders would be full time students.

M. Leake stated that mentoring the student leaders is very important as is “just on time” information and responses.  Leake also stated that co-supervision would be easier on resources.

P. Mihalek suggested that a one page paper every two week about the student leaders' experiences would be advisable.  C. Pudlinski responded that the program at ECSU does have the students complete a log.

The committee discussed the possibility that a faculty member may not want a peer mentor. 

C. Pudlinski discussed that the program can't jump from having 15 sections include peer leaders to all 65 sections, instead there should be a gradual step up.  All agreed.

C. Pudlinski stated that he would respond to fifteen people on the list and solicit for interested students (sophomores and juniors) who have a GPA of a 3.0 or higher.  He stated that candidates should be interviewed in March.

P. Mihalek questioned whether or not we should be asked for candidates' resumes.  The committee discussed that if faculty are picking people we may not need an interview, only a group session.

P. Mihalek stressed that there should be criteria for student leaders.

S. Walsh stated that the big thing was the contract (that Marty Levin discussed during the FYE retreat).  Mihalek suggested that the contract be sent out with the solicitation so all involved know what is expected.  Mihalek volunteered to help edit the contract. 

3.       Update: Current status of anticipated Fall 2010 FYE sections

a.       C. Pudlinski stated that it is very early in the process of forming FYE sections for fall 2010.  The committee discussed departmental FYE sections.  The schedule is due on the 18th and Pudlinski envisions maintaining 65 sections of FYE.  The anticipated size of the freshman class should be known in three weeks. 

4.       Update: Status of FYE budget for 2010-11

a.       Tabled for next meeting 

5.       Curriculum proposal: Change FYS courses to NOT require an attached FYE101—

a.       C. Pudlinski stated that this is a load issue.  If a 3 credit section is changed to a 2 credit section, faculty would be one credit short.  Committee agreed that 3 credits is a nice fit.

First-year, first-time status. Must register for specified section of FYE 101 concurrently.

b.      The committee discussed this wording and debated removing “Must register for specified section of FYE 101 concurrently.” 

6.       Update/Discussion: FYE add/drop restrictions will start for Fall 2011 registration

a.       Discussion tabled for next meeting. 

7.       Other business?

a.       Committee discussed feedback from the FYE retreat and noted that some people expect danish or bagels in the morning before the retreat began.  All agreed that Marty Levin did a great job.

b.      The assessments form fall 2009 FYE courses are currently being processed.  All agreed that the sooner the results are produced the better.  C. Pudlinski stated that some of the missing assessments were found while others were lost or not completed.  M. Leake will finish coding the responses.  Pudlinski plans to examine FYE versus embedded sections, the overall results, and section by section.  Pudlinski and Leake will explore adding student ID numbers to the assessments and the advantages/disadvantages of doing so.

c.       C. Pudlinski suggested changing the meeting time for next month to 11AM to accommodate the members' schedules.  All agreed. 


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