January 2013 Minutes  


Committee members in attendance: Christopher Pudlinski, Meg Leake, Scott Hazan, James Conway, Michele Dischino, Liz Braun, Elizabeth DeGrandpre 

1.      Approve minutes of December 2012 meeting 

Minutes from December 2012 meeting were approved. 

2.      Budget Update 

M. Leake announced that the 2014 budget is $17,000 total. Upon discussing the limited budget and cuts occurring across the university, the committee concluded that $2,000 should be taken out from the community engagement fund, decreasing the allocated budget to $15,000. 

M. Leake stated that at this time there is no stable funding. First priority is to ensure there is money for summer coordination (which includes advising and orientation). Summer one and faculty development is covered in the current budget. 

The committee suggested creating one development fund that encompasses faculty development, peer leaders and community engagement. 

3.      Update: Spring 2013 enrollment 

C. Pudlinski stated that 84 students are enrolled in FYE Spring 2013. This includes 67 first year and returning students, as well as 17 high school students.  

4.      January symposium (feedback)


Overall, the committee was please with the turnout of 40 faculty members and the event in its entirety.


A few comments were:

·         The keynote speaker, Nicole Henderson from SCSU was well done and informative, with many good ideas.

·         The best practices aspect was very interesting and helpful. Robbin Smith's photo idea was great and very creative.

·         The FYE best practices presentations will be posted online.


5.      Planning and recruiting for Fall 2013 FYE sections 

C. Pudlinski disbursed the preliminary list of FYE sections-fall 2013. There are currently 60 sections for the fall semester.  At least 6 more sections need to be added.  

Additional notes and suggestions about current course offerings were as follows:

·         COMM 240 (applied for a flipped classroom)

·         New class: LTN 110, Latino studies

·         Need more general science and ENG 110 classes offered

·         Need more more business classes to get all business students into FYE

·         There is possibility of a study abroad hybrid FYE course

·         Potentially HIST 121 will be a hybrid course (there was some concern expressed about this by the committee and C. Pudlinski was asked to get more details about how this would work.)

·         There is an extra PE 150 section 

There are four anticipated LLC's (Future Elementary Teachers, Engineering and Physical Education). A new addition is The Science of “Middle Earth”, which will be open to non-science students. 

6.      Feedback/discussion: Peer Leaders 

C. Pudlinski shared the comparison results of the peer leader survey from fall 2011 versus fall 2012.  

The survey results implied that all orientation leaders should be peer leaders. The peer leaders found that their participation helped them in their major, it was rewarding, beneficial and promoted individual growth.  

The satisfactory mean went up in all categories, except two (improved as student and scholar and interactions with faculty mentors). L. Braun suggested that second year peer leaders did not see much improvement as a student or scholar because they did not have much to improve on as a second year.  

Peer leaders noted that it was challenging to get first year students to be meet outside of the classroom, there were too many guest speakers, and FYE 101 assignments should be equal.  

The FYE Steering Committee brainstormed ideas from the survey results.

·         Do something FYE related outside of orientation, potentially on family day

·         Build identity through FYE participation (i.e. penny drive and fun activities)

·         Pair commuter and residential students in classes to build relationships

·         Need to do prep work to get classes organized with specific students (i.e. equal amount of commuters and residential students, majors, etc.)  

The goal is to get 35-40 peer leaders next year, 20 students are anticipated to return next year.  

Anticipate interviewing peer leaders in a month. In the next two weeks recruitment should happen, first by asking faculty and current peer leaders. 

Recruitment for peer leaders:

1. Ask faculty (who are recommending and asking for returning PLs)

2. Honors program

3. Orientation Leaders (check GPAs) 

7.      One Book One Community program (appropriate for FYE?) 

C Pudlinski included a brief overview on the back of the agenda regarding the book chosen for One Book One Community.  

S. Hazan brought a copy of the book for the committee to reference. The book is Almost Home, written by Kevin Ryan. It tells a story of six young people across the US and Canada as the confront life alone on the streets through moving stories of pain and hope.  

C. Pudlinski noted that the One Book One Community program cannot be required for all, but can be open to whoever wants to participate.  

Planning and development for the use and events of the book must happen early.

The book is applicable to many classes. Events can be created that are tied to the book, and potentially theme the FYE program events around the book.  

Ideas for events on campus:

·         Speakers

·         Habitat for Humanity

·         Community engagement


8.      Other business? 

The next committee meeting will be held on Monday, February 25, 2013 from 11:00am-12:15pm in RVAC317-11. 

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