March 2011 Minutes  

Present:  C. Pudlinski, M. Levvis, P. Bowman, R. Hernandez (guest), J. Conway, S. Hazan


Minutes from February 2011 meeting, reviewed and approved, need to add P. Bowman to the last meeting minutes as having been in attendance.


R. Hernandez and S. Hazan explain why they want to change the schedule and the need to get FYE faculty to agree to it.  There was some discussion about the schedule and whether or not faculty would be willing to come in on Saturday.  The committee is willing to give it a try but thinks it will have to be made mandatory for students.  Faculty will only want their own students in the sessions.  C. Pudlinski agreed to talk to faculty about the change. 


Fall 2011 schedule was discussed and it was decided that there are enough sections.

R. Hernandez says there is a decline in number of freshman, which accounts for around 1300 students.


C. Pudlinski talks about an email he received from L. Hicks regarding the undeclared major.  CACE wants to do more career assessment, see email from L.Hicks.  There was some discussion on the topic and the group thinks it is a good idea.  J. Conway agreed to teach a class.


C. Pudlinski is having trouble getting some people to give him their schedule for next year.  He is actively recruiting people for the program.  The committee needs to suggest to Dr. Lovitt that departments need to get money for part-time faculty to help supplement course load and get more full-time faculty in involved in FYE.


Jones is teaching a standalone Conn Cas 101, which is not attached to any class.  Is that acceptable and do we want a standalone class.  There was some discussion about how it can be linked to a mentor no-credit class.  Another option is to link it to a course. 


The subject of making Reading 140 the FYE course for EOP students was discussed along with whether it can be done over the summer.  Committee agrees that there should be an FYE in fall and in the summer; but, they should not call it an FYE class.  Reading 140 in the summer no problem, but not FYE.


C. Pudlinski discussed Living learning communities are good.  Discussion on peer mentors of how we got peers, schedule of training and class for peers. 

 J. Conway asked about faculty's role in training.  The group wants to meet with faculty on reading day.  They could do it first thing in the morning at 9 am for half an hour to meet with peers. 


Assessment data was discussed, as was the survey.  The data is in and the numbers are very similar to last year, except for an increased emphasis on the CAPP degree evaluation. C. Pudlinski will have a comprehensive report on the findings. 


Meeting adjourned at 12:10.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Scott Hazan

FYE Steering Committee 2010-2011

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