March 2012 Minutes  


Committee members in attendance: C. Pudlinski, M. Leake, M. Dischino, J. Conway, E. Braun, and S. Mastrobattisto

1.       Approved minutes of February 2012 meeting

2.       Update/handout: Peer leaders & Fall 2012 FYE classes

C. Pudlinski handed out the names of all the peer leaders that have been selected thus far with the faculty mentor and FYE course they have been assigned.  C. Pudlinski thanked E. Braun for all of her recommendations.  C. Pudlinski has almost all of the 36 peer leader spots filled.  There are nine peer leaders returning, and still three open spots. 

L. Braun mentioned that she was involved with Orientation Leader interviews, and she had a few suggestions of Orientation Leaders that would also make good peer leaders.  C. Pudlinski was surprised that only two peer leaders were recruited from the Honors Society.  The main source of recruitment continues to be faculty referrals.  Most peer leaders are also Orientation Leaders.  L. Braun is going to use the peer leader list to recruit additional Orientation Leaders.  M. Leake thought this strategy was a good idea, supported by the Provost; this helps the peer leaders connect with incoming students early on. 

M. Leake shared with the committee that the stipend is going to be $250 per peer leader.  Training is going to take place on Friday, May 4th from noon until 5pm.  C. Pudlinski suggested bring faculty into peer leader training.  There was a discussion about how to make peer leaders work best in embedded and non-embedded FYE courses.  There will be 14 peer leaders in embedded courses in the Fall 2012 semester. 

M. Leake suggested supplementary training for peer leaders on how to best support students' academics.  C. Pudlinski suggested two different faculty trainings, which would include one for faculty teaching embedded FYE courses and one for faculty teaching non-embedded FYE courses.  M. Leake mentioned that using an Academic Coaching model could be helpful when training peer leaders.  C. Pudlinski recommended that faculty who are teaching an embedded course come in at 11am on May 4th to meet for 45 minutes and then have other faculty come in to meet with the peer leaders.  There will be two rooms in the Student Center which will combine at 12:30.  C. Pudlinski is going to invite returning peer leaders.  M. Leake will arrange the training. 

C. Pudlinski mentioned that there is one student-athlete who will be unable to attend the training.  M. Leake suggested assigning a mentor to that student, and the committee agreed that something could be worked-out.  M. Leake shared that she may be creating a new position in The Learning Center that might be well-suited for mentoring peer leaders.         

3.       Budget update: 2011-12 and planning for 2012-13

M. Leake mentioned that there will be enough money to feed the peer leaders during training.  C. Pudlinski mentioned that if there is not enough money, he could ask S. Hazan for additional funds.  M. Leake shared with the committee that faculty development for FYE was “above the line,” which means there should be funds allocated.  FYE is still running on one-time funds, but the 2012-2013 budget has not been finalized at this time.

4.       Update on current FYE-related initiatives:

a.       Opening weekend

C. Pudlinski shared with the committee that from noon until 2pm on Monday, August 27th incoming students will have lunch with their FYE faculty, peer leader, and Orientation Leader.  There will also be faculty development that day, and new FYE faculty will also meet on an additional day. 

b.      CACE & undeclared sections

C. Pudlinski met with Liz Hicks to discuss CACE's involvement in FYE courses.  CACE does want to be involved in undecided FYE sections.  CACE wants to be the ones to find the faculty they are going to work with.  C. Pudlinski brought up the point that it would be beneficial for the expectations to be clearer about the role of a CACE advisor being involved with an FYE section.  There is a concern that an all undecided section would be unmotivated.  The committee agreed that having a CACE advisor being involved in FYE works well when that advisor is also the advisor to the students in that section. 

Faculty feedback from undeclared FYE sections included, “…working with CACE was highly beneficial for my students.”  Another instructor said, “I had no problem giving up 2-3 class periods to CACE.”  And another said, “The CACE advisor and I worked well together and he was generous with his time; he also did a good job of connecting with students.”   

5.       Handout/review: Assessment feedback

a.       Fall 2011 FYE assessment

C. Pudlinski handout “Fall 2009 (vs. Fall 2011) Results: FYE Learning Outcomes Assessment Summary” to the committee.

b.      Updated retention & graduation info

C. Pudlinski mentioned that “2011 retention was O.K., 91 percent returning, numbers look good but we have plateaued.”  C. Pudlinski posed the question, “What can we do?” 

c.       Student Satisfaction Inventory (

C. Pudlinski pointed out the biggest decrease was, “I feel a strong sense of belonging to the CCSU Community.”  In 2010, 61 percent of students strongly agreed, in 2001, 53 percent strongly agreed.  C. Pudlinski shared that he is concerned about this.

6.       Faculty Development:

a.       Planning for Fall session (metacognition)

C. Pudlinski suggested having metacognition as the topic for the next faculty development.

b.      New faculty training in August

The committee will discuss new faculty training at the April meeting.

7.       Early indicators of success & Early Academic Warning (Meg Leake)

M. Leake shared with the committee that the EAW system at CCSU is faculty focused.  The purpose is to identify students who are at-risk.  M. Leake suggested incorporating EAW into the FYE program.  M. Dischino was curious as to what the intervention would look like for a student who was flagged in a FYE course.  J. Conway brought up that there are questions to be answered.    




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