March 31, 2010 Minutes  


Members in Attendance:  C. Pudlinski, M. Leake, P. Mihalek, P. Baumann, S. Walsh, & J. Conway

1.                   Approve minutes of February 2010 meeting

a.       Minutes of the February 2010 meeting were approved.

2.                   Information: Fall 2010 FYE schedule

a.       C. Pudlinski distributed the fall schedule and will be meeting with CACE to go over it.  There are 16 peer leader sections, however, it is anticipated that there will be 15 by the beginning of the fall semester.  The committee discussed the courses offered.  S. Walsh discussed the PE/FYE courses.  C. Pudlinski requested further clarification about these courses and Walsh stated he will obtain this.  The committee discussed FYS 102.  P. Mihalek questioned why some ENG 110 sections have embedded FYE's and others do not.  C. Pudlinski explained that this is done by request.  Pudlinski stated that the schedule looks good and the committee agreed.  J. Conway questioned the total enrollment, Pudlinski stated that the number is 1482 and the committee agreed that this is a logical number.  C. Pudlinski added charts to the course listing to assist CACE with placement and will be confirming the recommended courses.  P. Mihalek asked that the ACC course be added to the general education detail charts.  The committee discussed the recommended classes by major and school.  P. Mihalek questioned the status of BUS 101 and the committee discussed this.  C. Pudlinski stated that the Criminology department dropped CRM 101.  Pudlinski began the discussion about the living/learning communities and the discrepancy with the spaces allotted.  S. Walsh stated that he is unsure if he will be able to fill all spots for the PE community.  C. Pudlinski stated that the spaces do need to be filled.  C. Pudlinski stated that the committee needs to meet with J. Alicandro (Residence Life).  M. Leake stated that there is room for some flexibility.  Leake discussed the layout of Vance.  Pudlinski asked Walsh if he would accept other majors and Walsh responded that he would.  P. Mihalek questioned the total number and Pudlinski stated that the committee would have to wait and see.

                                                              i.      Institute a deadline for FYS course proposals?

1.       C. Pudlinski discussed the issue with FYS course proposals.  The committee agreed that, generally speaking, a deadline of 1/20 would be reasonable, taking into account the time it takes to get a course through the proper channels.  Pudlinski stated that some flexibility would be maintained with regard to this deadline.

3.                   Update: Implementing peer leaders (and FYE 301) for Fall 2010

a.       C. Pudlinski stated that he and Scott Hazen met with all peer leaders.  Pudlinski distributed a list of the leaders to the committee.  He stated that they went with 16 leaders, anticipating the loss of one.  Pudlinski stated that they had a difficult time finding male peer leaders and have not been able to find students in majors that correlate to the subject of the courses.  Pudlinski stated that the big obstacle with FYE 301 was the credit load and that this has been resolved.  Pudlinski stated that he will not have an FYE section this fall due to his involvement with FYE 301.  He will wait for students to register for their classes before setting a time for FYE 301 and will send an email reminder about scheduling.  P. Mihalek suggested getting peer leaders priority registration.  C. Pudlinski discussed priority registration and that the credit overload for students would need to be waived for the 2 credits for FYE 301.  Pudlinski stated that he will try to put together a peer leader training on 5/13.

4.                   Planning for Thursday May 13th new faculty development and peer leader training

a.       C. Pudlinski distributed last year's faculty development agenda.  With a few changes, the model will remain the same.  It was suggested that the afternoon session would be linked with the peer leaders.  M. Leake suggested an hour long session about barriers to academic success and one hour with faculty sponsors to go over roles and responsibilities.  P. Bauman stated that he prefers the end of the day (after 2) for this.  M. Leake questioned what needs to be cut to make room for other topics.  C. Pudlinski suggested ending the day with the peer leader piece and all agreed that the schedule can be adjusted.  The committee discussed the need for ideas for faculty development.  P. Mihalek stated that he likes the idea of surfing the FYE website.  The committee had a discussion about the agenda items for training.  S. Walsh suggested that anyone interested in teaching FYE in future semesters should attend the next training.  All agreed.  Committee discussed that the food and the location for the development day needs to be decided and it is anticipated that 16 peer leaders and 12 new faculty are anticipated to attend.

5.                   Update: Opening Weekend and FYE involvement

a.       This topic was not discussed at the March meeting.

6.                   Review & Discussion: Fall 2009 FYE assessment results

a.       C. Pudlinski passed out the data from fall 2009 and discussed Braden Hosch's assessment of the data.  The committee reviewed and discussed the data.  C. Pudlinski questioned how the committee could address the concern with study skills.  M. Leake suggested amending the question to give examples of the study skills in question.  Leake also mentioned that the workbook needs to be updated and that she can provide a 20 minute introduction to the fundamental material.  P. Mihalek asked if information about note taking and learning styles was on the web; both M. Leake and C. Pudlinski responded that it was.  M. Leake asked if would be a good idea to send out the workbook that she uses with her ID 102 sections.  The committee thought this would be a good idea.  P. Mihalek suggested composing a cover letter when the data is disseminated outlining areas that need improvement.  C. Pudlinski stated that overall he is pleased with the data.

7.                   Discussion of FYE steering committee member “elections” process

a.       S. Walsh stated that he will be stepping down from the committee.  C. Pudlinski has stated that people have expressed interest in serving on the committee.  M. Leake stated that the electing body is the existing committee.  C. Pudlinski reviewed the process and asked the committee if sending an open call to faculty in the needed departments would be advisable.  P. Mihalek clarified by asking if the committee wanted to solicit volunteers.  Pudlinski discussed asking interested individuals to submit a paragraph concerning why they want to serve on the steering committee.  J. Conway asked how likely it would be that committee would have to choose between prospective new members.  Pudlinski stated that he anticipates two or three interested individuals.  M. Leake stated that the committee could have others involved in additional FYE initiatives and sub-committees to maintain their commitment.  C. Pudlinski stated that he will send a memo about the open positions and invite nominations.  Pudlinski stated that he will get this out by the 21st.  P. Mihalek questioned what the committee would do if there was no interest.  Pudlinski stated that if this were the case he would enlist people.

8.                   Other business?

a.       No additional business was discussed.               


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