MARCH 9, 2009 Minutes  

1.       Welcome to new committee member

a.       Welcome to Dr. Laura Tordenti, Interim VP for Student Affairs

2.       Approve minutes of February 2009 meeting

a.       Approved unanimously

3.       Update on Fall 2009 scheduling

a.       All classes are in, but some do not have instructors yet.

                                                               i.      CRM has two or three open. 

                                                             ii.      Two sections of ENG 110, but there is a candidate.  Math courses can be instructed by some of many long-standing, part-time faculty.

                                                            iii.      PE 111 search is in progress

b.      Even with 1400 new students enough seats should be available

c.       Athletics team study hall is not approved for FYE but may duplicate material

4.       Approval of FYS proposal (N. B. Wagner, CIE) (syllabi will be distributed at the meeting)

a.       There are not any Literature FYE courses and ENG 110 is a prerequisite for all Lit courses at CCSU

b.      Dr. Conway: The FYE learning objectives are not represented in syllabus

c.       Could be adapted to CCSU's learning objectives and have an FYE 101 attached, but course is not currently appropriate for FYE

The Myth of Faust: Art, Mind, and Knowledge

The legend of the scholar who makes a pact with the devil is the story of the conflict between good and evil, life and death, self and community, education and experience, science and alchemy, and faith and reality.  Using Goethe's Faust as primary text, this course will investigate Faust's quest both as a masterpiece of world literature and as metaphor for the battle between good and evil. Versions of the legend by Russian, American, and British writers will be studied, as well as renditions created by Hollywood.  The myth will be studied as psychology and symbol, and as legendary inspiration for the operas, paintings, illustrations, songs, and films that will be investigated in the class sessions. 

5.       Discussion:  What to do with students who fail/withdraw? (handout)

a.      78 students were on Withdrawal/Fail list for FYE, 41 of which are currently enrolled

b.      Students who did not complete a non-repeatable course can get alternatives or waivers

6.       Developing a course evaluation and a learning outcomes assessment:

a.       Guest: Braden Hosch 

                                                               i.      Learning outcomes should be on each FYE syllabus

                                                             ii.      Dr. Hosch will draft a Likert scale evaluation form for assessment.

                                                            iii.      BH: Nine learning outcomes may be too many.  Best to focus on a few.

7.       Any other business?

8.       Next Meeting: Monday April 6, 12:30-1:45 p.m.




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