May 2011 Meeting Minutes--Wednesday, May 11, 2011  

Present: C. Pudlinski, M. Leake, R. Hernandez, S. Hazan, J. Conway, P. Mihalek, S. Mastrobattisto


  1. Committee approved minutes from April 2011 meeting


  1. Chris Pudlinski spoke about Nominations and Elections of Steering Committee Members (2 year term)
    1. One faculty member from Arts and Sciences

                                                              i.      Jim Conway nominated himself and the committee voted for him

    1. One faculty member from Engineering & Technology

                                                              i.      Jim Conway nominated Michelle Dischino and she was also elected


  1. Chris Pudlinski discussed updates
    1. Fall 2011 schedule

                                                              i.      1386 spaces

                                                            ii.      1363 first year students confirmed

                                                          iii.      Sections are filling up

                                                          iv.      FYS are filled

                                                            v.      Meg Leake spoke about reading 140

1.      Reading department is working on bridge

2.      Reading placement test

                                                          vi.      Chris Pudlinski shared that that 40 students are enrolled in reading 140

    1. Chris Pudlinski talked about staff/ faculty mentoring projects

                                                              i.      Meet with advisor in Fall semester

                                                            ii.      Encourage students to meet with advisor

    1. Paul Mihalek spoke about Alpha Lambda Delta Society for First Year Students

                                                              i.      Students would need a GPA of 3.5

                                                            ii.      There used to be a society

                                                          iii.      The university would need to provide funds

                                                          iv.      Faculty and CACE members could serve as advisors

    1. Meg Leake discussed Faculty Training (May 20th)

                                                              i.      Training to take place in the multipurpose room in the Learning Center

    1. Chris Pudlinski spoke about Peer Training (May 20th)

                                                              i.      Chris Pudlinski handed out First Peer Training Schedule 

    1. Chris Pudlinski talked about Summer Advising Days (need assistance)

                                                              i.      Resource Fair Wednesday, June 15th from 11:15-12:15

                                                            ii.      Needs someone to speak about the FYE program and Living Learning Communities

    1. Scott Hazan discussed Opening Weekend

                                                              i.      There has been a drop off in attendance in the past

                                                            ii.      This may be due to the fact that commuters get what they need on Friday and then do one show up on Saturday

                                                          iii.      Friday will only be for residential students

                                                          iv.      Saturday will be when the commuters come, this will be required

                                                            v.      Saturday will be the day when all students will attend


  1. Jim Conway lead a discussion/ feedback on report:
    1.  “FYE Students' Stressor, Coping, Academic Behaviors, Grades, and Retention: An Experience Sampling Study” (Jim Conway)
    2. Jim Conway's recommendations

                                                              i.      Encourage more positive coping strategies late in the semester

                                                            ii.      Encourage FYE instructors to include discussion of alcohol use and abuse in curriculum

                                                          iii.      Encourage FYE instructors to monitor attendance



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