Minutes from November 2009 meeting  

Committee members in attendance:  Chris Pudlinski, Meg Leake, Paul Mihalek, and Sean Walsh

      1.       Approve minutes of October 2009 meeting

Minutes of the October 2009 meeting were unanimously approved.

       2.       Update on previous issues:

a.       2009-10 Budget Update (Meg Leake)

M. Leake reported that she is working on a “what we need” basis.  Leake reported that we will get the funds for what is needed, not necessarily for all that is wanted.  Leake mentioned the need to plan for activity funds for next year (~ $1000).  The question of available grants for the program was raised during discussion.  P. Mihalek raised a question concerning the funds allocated for adjunct faculty involvement in FYE.  C. Pudlinski stated that he has sent notification that these funds are available.  M. Leake stated that she will draft a letter for distribution to the deans. 

b.      Implementing peer mentoring

M. Leake encouraged a move from the term “peer mentoring” to “student leader”.  C. Pudlinski has contacted Marty Levin from ECSU and Levin has agreed to speak at the January retreat about ECSU's student leader program. 

c.       January retreat

C. Pudlinski stated that the January retreat will be held on Wednesday, January 20th.  Bellin A/B is not available and the retreat will be held in the Nutmeg (Faculty Dining) room.  Lunch will be served.  Registration will begin at 9:30am.  M. Leake stated that she will get coffee and juice and C. Pudlinski stated he will send out a “save the date” reminder.  Pudlinski stated that Marty Levin (ECSU) will do a one hour talk about the student leader program and he plans to bring a student leader and faculty member with him for the discussion.  There will be time for open discussion around this idea at 11:30am.  Pudlinski stated that anticipated attendance is about 40-50 people.  P. Mihalek requested the pre-retreat handouts/information be distributed and M. Leake suggested that the information about ECSU's program be shared electronically.  M. Leake suggested that lunch be served at 12:30pm instead of 12; Pudlinski cited early departures as the reason for an earlier lunch.  Committee agreed to have lunch served at 12:15 pm and an RSVP for lunch will be solicited so accurate planning can be done. 

d.      Restricting add/drop for first-year students

C. Pudlinski stated that he needs to speak with Susan Petrosino (Registrar) concerning this subject.  50 students need FYE in the spring due to dropping the FYE course this semester.  Stated that data shoes dropping an FYE course is an early indicator of an at-risk student.  Pudlinski stated he will have a conversation with Petrosino after the registration period.  Pudlinski stated that 35 students that needed FYE had been registered for a section; however they have since been dropped.  Pudlinski stated he will pre-register these students back into FYE sections.

P. Mihalek questioned the number of transfers needing FYE next semester, C. Pudlinski stated that this number is small.

M. Leake discussed RDG 140 as FYE and suggested that the least prepared students be registered for this course.

M. Leake spoke to the committee about the new probation policy and accompanying intervention.  Leake stated she expects about 250 “new” studens needing an intervention and discussed possible ideas for this.  Leake stated that she envisions RDG 140 as a course that will address students with low skills.

C. Pudlinski questioned the ability to pre-identify any of the 50 students who dropped FYE as RDG 140 students and Leake responded that she will discuss this with the Reading/Language Arts department.  C. Pudlinski stated he will take RDG 140 off the “pre-register” list and Leake will be in contact regarding these sections.

C. Pudlinski stated that there will be no ACC 211 FYE section as there is only one business student on the list of students needing FYE.

P. Mihalek suggested that there be a “back up” course for students who fail for grade replacement purposes.

C. Pudlinski stated he will re-evaluate the 14 students placed into RDG 140. It was suggested to look for students who scored below 500 on SAT Verbal. 

e.      What we learned from Betsy Barefoot

This topic was tabled for later discussion. 

      3.       Revised FYE student assessment (with co-curricular connections) (SEE ATTACHED)

C. Pudlinski stated he needed funds to print these assessments.  M. Leake suggested the assessment tool be printed on special paper since student will be using scantron to log their responses; the evaluation sheet can be reused in the future this way.  M. Leake stated that she will be in charge of printing the evaluations.  C. Pudlinski stated that after the committee has revised the assessment tool, he will send it to Braden Hosch (Institutional Research) for review and feedback.  Pudlinski stated that the second page of the assessment has been revised to reflect 20 items that will be used to measure campus engagement and asked the committee to review and revise.

M. Leake stated that questions 28-38 should be revised for tense.

P. Mihalek asked if faculty had seen this revised assessment and suggested that faculty have an opportunity to preview this before it is finalized.  C. Pudlinski stated that he will post a copy to the site and send it via email (as attachment) advising the faculty to review it after it has been revised.  Pudlinski further stated that he wants the assessment out to faculty by Thanksgiving break.  M. Leake stated that she would be responsible for collecting the assessments after completion.

The entire committee discusses segregating the results by section.  Committee decided that the faculty will get their own feedback as well as the overall feedback.

C. Pudlinski stated that this assessment is based on the learning outcomes.

P. Mihalek looks at this as a tool for future improvement.

C. Pudlinski will present the results at the January retreat and will address the weakest area(s).

M. Leake suggested revising question #32 to state “attended CCSU athletic event” and to omit NCAA.

P. Mihalek suggested putting #36 under #32 since they are related questions.

M. Leake questioned whether or not there was a question about visiting CACE and C. Pudlinski responded that since first year students are required to go, this question was omitted.

M. Leake suggestion revision to question #47 to reflect “visiting The Learning Center or other centers for help and/or support” to reflect help-seeking behavior.

P. Mihalek questioned #45 concerning the inclusion of career fair with club fair.  Committee discussed how career fair doesn't necessarily fit with club fair and the entire committee questioned how to cover the other fairs in future assessments.

M. Leake suggested adding “during the second week of school” to #45 concerning the club fair.

C. Pudlinski will add a question (#39) to reflect attendance of other campus events.

M. Leake will have the assessments printed, Pudlinski will send out, and Leake will collect and have them scanned.

P. Mihalek discussed the tabulation of the results.  Leake will investigate how the data can be separated out.  All agreed to handle sections by numbers.  Pudlinski will advise students via instructions to fill out the FYE section number and will provide the list for this.

      4.       Discussion: Evaluating our university's first-year climate

This discussion was tabled for later discussion.

      5.       Other business?

The next committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 in RVAC 317-11 from 11 am-12:15 pm.



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