NOVEMBER 2010 Minutes  


FYE Steering Committee Meeting Monday, Nov. 1, 2010, 12-1:10 p.m. (RVAC 106)


Members in Attendance:  C. Pudlinski, M. Levvis, P. Mihalek

1.      Approve minutes of October 4, 2010 meeting

Motion for approval by P. Mihalek, seconded by M. Levvis.  Minutes of the October 4, 2010 meeting were approved.


2.      Nomination and election of FYE faculty director, 2011-2014

P. Mihalek nominated  C. Pudlinski  to serve as the FYE faculty director for a 3 year term (July 2011-July 2014).  M. Levvis seconded the nomination.  Given that not enough committee members were present, it was suggested by P. Mihalek that C. Pudlinski send an e-mail to the absent committee members asking them to e-mail M. Levvis with their vote by the end of the week.


3.      Handout:  Spring 2011 FYE classes

A list of Spring 2011 FYE sections were given to committee members present.  These classes are offered for 15-20 students who entered in Fall 2010 but had not yet completed their FYE course.  These sections are also available to 40-80 first year students entering CCSU during the Spring semester.


4.      Handout: Revised FYE assessment (and instructions)

Committee members present reviewed it and accepted with minor revisions.


5.      Update/Planning: FYE retreat (in January)

Committee members present decided on the date for the FYE retreat.  It will be held on Thursday, January 20 from 9 a.m. -1 p.m..  C. Pudlinski will reserve the Connecticut Room for the event.  The proposed topic will be Personal Responsibility and Self-Motivation of First Year Students.  M. Leake and C. Pudlinski will be the speakers.  There is $700 available for food for the retreat; the plan is for a continental breakfast and a hot lunch for the participants.  The committee will talk more about the retreat at the next meeting.


6.      Peer Leader Issues:

a.       End-of-semester assessment:  Peer leaders will be doing an informative video or oral presentation on their FYE experiences.  There will also be a final presentation/self-assessment paper on how they did.  

Questions 56 -62 on the First-Year Experience Survey will be where students can evaluate their peer leader.

b.    Re-taking FYE 301 (2nd year peer leaders):  The committee members present felt that this was a good idea since the students' previous FYE experience would be valuable for new peer leaders and they themselves could benefit from new information presented in the FYE 301 course.

c.       Credit overload issues: Currently there are 5 peer leaders who are taking more than 18 credits.  Payment must be made for credit overload.  This year the Provost's Office covered this expense but will not do so next year.  The FYE budget does not cover this payment so we must look elsewhere for this money.  It was suggested by M. Levvis to look into the CCSU Foundation to see if it would cover this cost.  C. Pudlinski will investigate this possibility.

d.     Priority registration for Fall 2011:  Half of the peer leaders have priority registration as a result of being Honors students and/or athletes, but the other half does not.  C. Pudlinski asked whether we should petition the Registrar's Office for priority registration for this group.  Committee members present felt that that was a good idea.

e.      FYE 301 update:  There will be an expansion of the program. Twenty FYE peer leaders is a maximum target for now.


7.      Creating a university-wide first-year student website

C. Pudlinski would like to see links to CACE, Counseling and Wellness, the library, and campus events among other things.


8.      Discussion/handout: FYE & retention (data)

This item is tabled for discussion until the next meeting. 


9. Next meeting:  Monday, December 6 (12-1:30) in RVAC 106.



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