November 2012 Minutes  


Committee Members in attendance: Christopher Pudlinski, Meg Leake, Henry Greene, Scott Hazan, James Conway, Meg Levvis, Elizabeth DeGrandpre

1.      Approve minutes of October 2012 meeting

Minutes from October 2012 meeting were approved.

2.      Budget update:

a.      Money for campus/community engagement

$600 has been committed of the $2,000 to community engagement. Suggestions for other peer leader events were to have a finals week study session on the third floor of the library, or to have the peer leaders join together for an end of the semester event.

3.      Review/handout: FYE student assessment survey (new version)

C. Pudlinski completed all revisions for the FYE student survey. The committee reviewed the new version of the survey. It is intended to go out to the faculty before Thanksgiving break. M. Leake discussed the importance of utilizing the information gained from the survey to show the impact of the FYE program. The survey should be administered during the last few weeks of classes.

4.      Planning for a January faculty development session

The First Year Experience Faculty Symposium will be held Friday, January 11, 2013 from 10-2pm at CCSU in the Connecticut room. Those invited should be currently involved in FYE or be interested in becoming involved with the future of FYE. The save the date should be sent out now.

Ideas presented for the events were:

·         Have a panel discussion

·         Pose questions and break into groups and then share out ideas

·         Highlight successes of the program

·         Discuss the peer leaders program

·         Honor people for their work/effort/supporters/long standing faculty members with a certificate. Give a five year participant certificate.

·         Ask: Where do we go from here?

·         Highlight best practices of FYE faculty inside and outside the classroom, and with community engagement and peer leaders.

·         Revisit learning objectives

·         Have a successful community engagement group share about their experiences and efforts.

5.      Discussion/brainstorming: How can we make FYE even better?

H. Greene suggested we do something special for FYE students on the weekends or two times during the semester, specifically during Homecoming and Family Day. S. Hazan stated that Family Day could work well and Homecoming would be a good opportunity to get faculty to come out and interact with the students. An FYE tent was suggested to have at Homecoming, similar to the alumni tent to provide a social connection. These ideas were highlighted as a way to get students involved in events on the weekends and would create a social connection that in turn would help students feel a part of the community, creating success and a desire to remain at CCSU through their connection to the campus community.

An idea to form an FYE intramural team was mentioned. And a suggestion to create an event similar to Dean's Cup for FYE students was suggested.

S. Hazan mentioned asking the students “Why are you not choosing to become active on campus?” He also brought up the importance to have a real incentive, such as early registration. H. Greene suggested that students take a picture at events attended and then get points for each picture.

All of the ideas suggested above are to be considered for Fall 2013.

6.      Do we need a policy on research access to FYE students and classes?

The general sentiment was that if the research is non-FYE related, access to conduct research through a class should be up to the instructors. If the research meets any of the FYE goals, the FYE faculty can assist with the research that is being conducted.

7.      Do we need a policy/recommendation on amount of guest lecturers in FYE sections?

The committee generated a list of ideas on how to address the amount of guest lectures that occur in the FYE sections. The following information is a compilation of the suggested approaches.

·         Take advantage of resources that can be found online and around campus.

·         Have the students go to a certain amount of out of class lectures/sessions.

·         Have the experts on common FYE topics create videos (10-15 minutes) for students to view or faculty to utilize in the classroom.

·         Update/expand campus resources (create over the summer)

·         Recommend specific guest lectures around the time faculty are creating their syllabus.

·         Advise the faculty to leave the classroom when the peer leaders are presenting. Peer leaders enjoy presenting and getting to know the students in the class. Although faculty should not expect their peer leader to lead multiple classes, for the entire class.

·         If there is a guest lecture, have the peer leader make announcements at the beginning of class.


8.      Other business?

C. Pudlinski and M. Leake will bring a proposal for the First Year Experience Faculty Symposium agenda to our next meeting.

The next committee meeting will be held on Monday, December 3rd from 11:30-1pm in RVAC106.

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