November 12, 2013 Minutes (Our Last Meeting)  


Attendees: Chris Pudlinski (Chair), Meg Leake, Scott Hazan, Kris Larsen, Alex Lee, & Jacqueline Garland

1.     Approve minutes of September 2013 meeting

Minutes approved


2.     Update: One Book One Community Living Room Lecture.

C. Pudlinski reported out on the One Book One Community Living Room Lecture.  The event was publicized through SGA.  Six FYE classes attended the Question and Answer session with the authors in VAC 105 on Wednesday, November 6th (5 of the 6 FYE classes read the book).  There were approximately 80 students present at the Question and Answer session.  There was an evening session open to the public held in Torp theatre.  Approximately 100 people were in attendance.  The people who participated in the event enjoyed it.


S. Hazan asked how universities get around academic freedom.  M. Leake said that individuals in the FYE ListServ start discussing books to use in October and some campuses give books out during orientation sessions.  M. Leake and C. Pudlinski said that there is usually a list of 2-3 books to use for a campus read which gives professors more freedom of choice.


3.     Review/ implementation: online fall 2013 FYE learning outcomes assessment

C. Pudlinski reported out on the FYE Survey.  The survey will be done through the survey site that CCSU uses.  The questions that students are required to answer are indicated by an asterisk (*).  There is a drop down menu for students to pick the faculty member that they have for the course.  Question 56 “When you started in August, did you intend to stay and graduate from CCSU” and Question 57 “Currently, do you intend to graduate from CCSU” were added to the survey.  C. Pudlinski will be corresponding with faculty members via e-mail to provide directions and suggestions to get students to complete the survey.  The e-mail will provide faculty members an active link to the survey.  A suggestion was to allow students to complete the survey on their phones during class time.  To encourage students to complete the survey, faculty members can give it as an assignment to students or provide extra credit to those who have completed it.  Faculty members will receive notification of which students completed the survey because Question 1 asks students to “please enter your eight-digit CCSU student ID number.  Your responses will be kept confidential.  Results will be used to make adjustments and improvements to the First Year Experience program and curriculum”.  The results from the survey last year will also be attached to the e-mail.


S. Hazan reported that we already have the data for Question 56 from SERP.  SERP is done every other year.     


K. Larsen reported that Question 59 should be changed to what proportion of all your classes did you attend this semester?


C. Pudlinski said that the link will be active next week.  A. Lee reported that he believes that participation will decrease approximately 10-15% if students don't take it in class.  M. Leake and S. Hazan suggested to increase participation professors set aside 5 minutes in class to complete the survey as they did in the past and to also give students credit for completing the survey.


4.     Discussion: Planning for Spring 2014 & the future of FYE

C. Pudlinski reported that [he hopes] a new director will be appointed for Fall 2014.  There will not be a peer leader program or peer leader course, no assessment, and no faculty development.  Faculty members could work with returning peer leaders on a volunteer basis.


S. Hazan discussed that FYE helps individuals to feel a sense of connected with others in an environment.  C. Pudlinski discussed that learning communities have worked to increase retention rates.


5.     Other business?

S. Hazan asked about First Year Experience conferences.  M. Leake reported that there are three conferences for First Year Experience a year.    


6.     Next meeting—we need to agree on a set time and date in December

Tentative date for next meeting: Tuesday, December 10th time: TBA.



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