November 3, 2008 Minutes  

Minutes in red and in italics for FYE Steering Committee Meeting

Monday, November 3   12:45-1:45 p.m. (RVAC 320)

1.           Approve minutes of October 2008 meeting

a.       Minutes approved unanimously

b.       Dr. Peter Baumann not present

2.           Brief update on recruiting additional faculty and/or courses for Fall 2009

3.           Update:  Information on Spring 2009 FYE classes

a.      Registering students into Spring 2009 FYE courses

                                                               i.      8 students registered for Dr. Folker's Eng 110 section; no more than 3 in others. Would like to get up to nine students per section before new students for Spring 2009 register.

                                                              ii.      Transfers with one semester of credits but no FYE need to be in second semester FYE.

                                                            iii.      Meg: 15 of 30 new students at Early Academic Warning meetings had no FYE.  Get statistics for potential evidence of FYE effectiveness

4.           Update: 2008-09 FYE budget and reimbursing departments for FYE101

a.       Not yet submitted to Dr. Lovitt, but budget is less than last year and should not be a problem. Meg and Chris will meet with Paul Altieri to formalize allocations and department reimbursements and a letter will be sent to chairs announcing the earmarks.

 5.      Editing Catalog Copy for FYE (this must be completed at this meeting to make the new catalog)

Current copy:

“Required for all students with fewer than 15 credits and to be taken in the student's first semester.  This requirement may be completed by either a First-Year Experience (FYE) section of ENG 110 or an FYE introductory course to a discipline in the Study Area section of the General Education program.  Those students who withdraw or fail to be enrolled in an FYE course in their first semester will be required to take an FYE course in their second semester.  Note: TE 110, ENGR 150, and certain FYS courses, designated at the time of their creation, do not require the additional FYE 101 course.”

FYE Director's attempt at a revision (please comment): “Required for all students who enter CCSU with fewer than 15 credits and to be taken in the student's first semester.  This requirement is typically completed by a First-Year Experience (FYE) section of a course in General Education and/or within one's major/school.  Those students who withdraw or fail to be enrolled do not successfully complete an FYE course in their first semester will be required to take an FYE course in their second semester.  Note: ID102, CRM101, FYS courses and other experiences designated by the FYE Steering Committee at the time of their creation, can also fulfill the FYE requirement.”

a.           Issue: What happens if a student fails an FYE course?

a.       Waiver for ID 102 to count as FYE

b.       Develop an online FYE component with assignments, supplemental readings and activities designed to familiarize students with campus resources.  Have this set up by Spring 2010 semester.  Ask all FYE profs for their syllabi, review at January retreat

c.        If a student fails FYE and has a GPA higher than 2.0: meet with Dr. Pudlinski.  If below, meetings will be conducted by others.

d.       Only students entering in Fall 2009 or later will need FYE for degree audit.

6.      Issue: Students taking more than 1 FYE/LC . . .

a.      How to deal with duplication (LC & major-only FYE; Honors program & majors-only FYE, etc.

I.   Credit is given for both courses.  How many Honors students in majors-only FYE? All Learning Communities need an FYE component. No conclusion on how to deal with LC and Honors Program.

II.   No way to restrict duplication in Banner. Need to carefully check on the front-end of registration and make class announcement on first day of FYE course.

III.   Designate CRM 101 as FYE

b.      All E.O.P students are currently required to take ID102 (Master Student) in their first Fall semester: 

i.      Does this duplicate FYE101? 

I.      Covers much of the same material including study skills and strategies, but not totally duplicative.  Meg: Can't be harmful to take both.

ii.     Should we designate these sections as eligible to meet FYE requirements?

I.         Has served for FYE in the past. Meg: Rule states that no staff members conduct FYE courses. Teaching faculty only. Chris:  Doesn't necessarily have to be an “FYE” section.  Can fulfill under “other experiences” and be okayed by S.C.  Problems encountered in that students didn't take Social Work and Crim. 101 because they already had ID 102.

iii.    Should we make these FYE sections, if the instructor completes FYE training this upcoming Spring?

I. Integrate FYE 101 into ID 102?  Meg: Having both is good. Paul: ID should take care of FYE requirement but be embedded. No consensus reached.  Ask Awilda Reasco to come talk to the committee briefly.

7.      Discussion: Ideas for designing/re-designing FYE Faculty Development (for Spring 2009)

8.      Any other business?


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