Minutes from October 2009 meeting  

RVAC 317-11 11 am-12:15 pm

Committee Members in attendance:  Chris Pudlinski, Meg Leake, Laura Tordenti, Peter Baumann and Jim Conway

 1.       Approve minutes of May and September 2009 meetings

Committee agreed that there are no minutes from the May meeting that can be located. 

C. Pudlinski also noted a correction to last month's minutes under topic #6.  “Joe” has been changed to “Jane Fried”.

2.       Update on Fall 2009 FYE enrollment (by school)

C. Pudlinski provided and discussed the FYE enrollment numbers with the committee.  M. Leake mentioned that the number of continuing students may see a steeper decrease than in the past due to the new Good Standing policy.  The Committee agreed to stick to the 1400 seat benchmark for FYE seats next fall.

3.    Update on Spring 2010 FYE classes & CACE advising

        C. Pudlinski stated that there are currently 35 students that will need an FYE seat in the spring

and provided a breakdown of this number.  Pudlinski stated that 17 of these students still need ENG 110.  M. Leake mentioned tying in the RDG 140 class with the required intervention for the good standing policy.  C. Pudlinski stated that it was his understanding that CACE will preregister these 35 students into a FYE section.  CACE will be doing first year student advising and has been provided with the list of students who need to register for an FYE class.  The committee discussed how CACE is advising students and had a discussion about Sigi3.  L. Tordenti suggested that it may be a good idea for the committee to take the Sigi3 since it was suggested the FYE instructors plug this service.  CACE has been making classroom visits.  C. Pudlinski will inquire about CACE's needs for FYE.


4.       2009-10 Budget Update (Meg Leake)

M. Leake stated that the budget is not yet complete worked out, but has heard that it will be handled differently than it has been in the past.  M. Leake mentioned FYE budget requests used to be handled by the “priority number” system and this will be changing in the future.  The committee agreed to continue to request an established budget for FYE.

a.            Class activity money (in the future)?

M. Leake stated that many professors have inquired about funding for FYE class activities.  Leake also stated that other FYE programs have this type of funding built into their budget.  While next year may not be the right year to request this funding, it might be good idea to request some funds for this purpose.    The committee agreed that activity money should be in the budget.  L. Tordenti stated that ECSU had set funds aside for this purpose in their FYE budget.  The committee discussed possible activities as well as projects that research and solve problems on campus.

5.    Continued discussion:  Implementing peer mentoring

M. Leake provided an overview and hand out of a possible peer mentoring/student leader program.  She stated that there will be a webcast pertaining to centralizing campus peer leaders on December 7th at a cost of $350.  The committee agreed that this could be useful and that the topic has a broad reach.  M. Leake provided documents from ECSU's first year program for committee reviewed.  The committee agreed that the faculty should request a student leader for their FYE section and not be mandated to have one.  It was suggested that faculty tap strong students from their own program.  L. Tordenti mentioned the extensive training that Student Affairs student leaders go through.  Tordenti agreed that there could be some “common” training for student leaders across campus such as sexual assault protocol.  C. Pudlinski suggested that the peer leader concept be the topic for the January retreat and that Marty Levin from ECSU should be invited to present ECSU's approach.  Pudlinski will contact Levin about this.

a.            Stipends and/or training

M. Leake reiterated the need for FYE leader training, mentoring and supervision.  P. Baumann stated that he liked the idea of student leaders, especially in larger sections and suggested that faculty members be able to nominate students from the year prior.  The committee discussed compensations for the student leaders and agreed that the stipend model would work best.  M. Leake stated that there would need to be a process and prerequisites for student leaders.  Leake also mentioned that this program would tie into CCSU's strategic plan (increased student employment and student success).

b.            10-12 in a pilot for Fall 2010?

C. Pudlinski stated that a pilot in Fall 2010 would be a good idea.

c.             Begin in Fall 2011 instead?

The committee discussed postponing a pilot until 2011 to allow time for a bigger gear up.  Consensus was to plan for a Fall 2010 pilot.


6.       Assessment of co-curricular connections as part of FYE (Jane Fried, guest)

Dr. Jane Fried discussed the assessment of co-curricular connections as part of FYE.  Fried stated that it would be simpler and more effective to combine learning outcomes for FYE and co-curricular involvement at the beginning; this would be most effective for the learning process as well.  Fried discussed the importance of assessing where the students started and what they could do differently after their experience.  Fried stated it is important to assess the differences in behavior and if they can make a verbal rendition of why they did what they did.    M. Leake suggested creating a “menu” of activities students could be involved in.  C. Pudlinski and the committee agreed that it will be important to break down the different behaviors tied to outcomes during assessment. 

 8.       Next Meeting: November 3, 2009 (RVAC317-11)


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