OCTOBER 2010 Minutes  


FYE Steering Committee Meeting – Monday October 4, 2010, 12:00 - 1:30 p.m. (RVAC 206)

Members in Attendance:  C. Pudlinski, M. Levvis, P. Mihalek, P. Baumann, J. Conway & J. Paige

1.       Introductions

Members welcomed new School of Education and Professional Studies representative Meg Levvis of the Nursing Department.

2.       Approve minutes of April 28, 2010 meeting

Motion for approval by P. Baumann, seconded by P. Mihalek.  Minutes of the April 2010 meeting were approved.

3.       Informational update:

a.       Fall 2010 FYE enrollments.  C. Pudlinski distributed the fall enrollments list where all sections appeared reasonably full.  It was noted that some instructors lacked training since the planned August session could not be held.  All of these individuals were working in the Learning Center or had mentors and will be scheduled for the next training session.  A few FYE sections were cancelled due to low enrollments and the students were re-enrolled to the best of abilities in other sections. C. Pudlinski commented on his appreciation of the willingness of faculty teaching major-only sections to open these to non-majors when under enrolled. Enrollment levels in the Living Learning Communities (LLC) were good but fell off a bit perhaps due to the Vance Hall location. Overall, enrollments were excellent totaling 1355, with only 14 students needing a spring FYE which is the lowest number to date.  The banner system change which forbids the dropping of an FYE course without an FYE director consult helped in this regard.

b.      Spring 2011 FYE classes.   Two ENG 110 FYE sections are slated for spring as well as some other courses. Director needs to find another general education option, perhaps a PE 144 offering.   Committee anticipates 50 new/transfer students along with the previous mentioned 14 to need accommodation. 

4.       Report on faculty development and peer leader training sessions

Ten faculty members were trained in May and there was no August training offered. Scott Hazen ran the peer leaders training in August. The peer leader group is very enthusiastic. The program appears to be running well. Collegiate link is used in some sections for mentoring and communication. 

5.       Update:  Opening Weekend and FYE involvement

FYE instructor meetings with students were not well attended having only about 1/3 to ½ of the class present. Rooms in several locations were initially locked.  J. Conway suggested that we do a lighter activity in the future other than the differing expectations of high school and college which was suggested. P. Baumann offered his topic of “Top Ten Engineering Achievements” as an example. Discussion followed on the possibility of a Friday option. Saturday is not recommended for this activity in terms of student and faculty participation. Also recommended are a different lunch set-up to facilitate student-teacher interaction and the ability to allow students to mix during other parts of the day. 

6.       Budget update:

We have a Banner ID number but no budget to date.  We need money for training of peer leaders and faculty and to facilitate the faculty retreat. Potential retreat topics: Self-motivation and Personal Responsibility.

7.       FYE assessment results

C. Pudlinski stated that we basically have two initiatives, peer leaders and living learning communities.  Five additional questions were suggested by memo of Braden Hosch to cover the LLC objectives and to provide comparisons. Adding ID numbers to the form would allow the removal of existing demographic information requested which in turn would allow room for the additional questions. The ID number addition would also provide added advantage in sorting of the data based on multiple criteria. There was concern over ensuring correct ID numbers and that they must be placed in the “instructor only” location on the form.  There will be no wording changes to existing questions. We will add the ID numbers and provide for the possibility of optional commentary on the back of the form. The five new questions to cover LLC will be added.  Peer leader evaluation questions will be on a separate additional questionnaire sheet when developed.

8.       Discussion of Excellence in Teaching First-Year Seminar Award

C. Pudlinski presented this new potential award to the committee for consideration. The committee members were concerned over timing and criteria for recommending a candidate, i.e., faculty /student inputs. Initially, the committee would check the nomination requirements and forward to the Provost for consideration.  An agreed upon selection approach would be to review the semifinalist listings of our own Excellence in Teaching process for names that also teach in the FYE program. 

9.       FYE goals for 2010-2011

The committee reflected to establish the following five goals:

1.       Evaluate peer leader program for potential expansion which involves funding issues.

2.       To participate in the living learning community assessment.

3.       Generate a sample syllabus for FYE 101.

4.       Provide a recommendation on an FYE text or readings, perhaps our own compilation.

5.       Provide a critical thinking module.

10.   Other Business?

No additional business was discussed, and the committee adjourned at 1:25 pm.               


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