FYE Steering Committee Meeting Minutes- Wednesday, October 12, 2011


12 noon—1:30 p.m. in RVAC106

Committee members in attendance: C. Pudlinski, M. Leake, S. Hazan, J. Conway, M. Dischino, and   S. Mastrobattisto

1.       September minutes were approved

2.       Updates:

a.       Spring 2012 FYE classes

C. Pudlinski handed out “FYE Sections – Spring 2012.”  C. Pudlinski pointed out that there are more FYE sections this spring than in previous years.  CACE will be preregistering students for FYE sections for Spring 2011.  All 64 plus first time students who entered in the fall without a FYE sections should be able to take a FYE course in the spring.  In addition to those 64 students there should be about 75 entering students who will need a FYE section for a total of about 150 spots.

S. Hazan talked about CEN 200.  He mentioned that it is a three credit course.  It is challenging and requires projects.  C. Pudlinski highlighted that this course may spark interest in the Community Engagement Minor.  S. Hazen mentioned that students need to know about CEN 200 and the Community Engagement Minor in order to participate.  C. Pudlinski said that there are two types of students that would take CEN 200, students who are already in the face to face meeting with their CACE advisor who suggests the course as a general education requirement, or students coming in with an interest in community engagement.  C. Pudlinski will ask CACE if they need more information about CEN 200.  M. Leake suggested giving advisors a description of courses in order to better aid students in selecting the best fit.

C. Pudlinski pointed out that there is a FYE course that fits four out for the eight study areas.  There is also more variety among FYE courses than in the past. 

b. Alpha Lamba Delta Honors Society Induction

C. Pudlinski shared with the committee that 68 students will be included.  40 out of the 68 members will be attending the induction.  Over 100 friends and family members will be attending the induction.  The induction will take place on Thursday, October 27th at 6:00pm in the Constitution Room.  The ceremony will begin at 6:30 with remarks from the Provost.  The ceremony should last until about 7:30.  Inductees will receive a pin and a certificate.  Invitations for the induction will be sent to the Deans' Offices.  Inductees' names will be sorted by school.  13 inductees were interested in leadership positions, however only two members showed up to the meeting.  The two who attended are now the President and Vice President of the society.   S. Hazan suggests appointing a Treasurer.  C. Pudlinski agreed that the society needs a Treasurer and a Secretary.   

                c. Excellence in Teaching First-Year Seminar Award

J. Conway thanked the committee for his nomination.  This is an award given by the National Center for First Year and Students in Transition.

3.       Budget update

M. Leake handed out the “Academic Affairs FY 2011/ 2012 Budget Requests” for FYE.  The committee wants to meet with the FYE Director at Southern Connecticut State University in order to learn about their program.  February might be a good time to meet and food could be provided.  The FYE program at CCSU is running on a “shoe string budget”.  The perception of what it takes to run an FYE program here at CCSU might not be accurate.  C. Pudlinski mentioned that if no one was in charge we would have three FYE courses this spring.  Other sections had to be recruited.  More needs to be done to convince management that more funds are needed.  For example, the program needs professional development which requires funds.  M. Leake and C. Pudlinski will work to create a clearer message.  J. Conway mentioned that in order to increase the benefits of the program we need more funds.           

4.       Alternatives to FYE as a graduation requirement (in CAPT)

a.       Community engagement, ID 102, waiver, etc.

C. Pudlinski lead a discussion about what should be done regarding students who have either withdrew from their FYE course, failed, or did not take it at all.  He suggested an academic intervention for probationary students could count as their FYE.  C. Pudlinski also mentioned an email he received from M. Leake in regards to how Ferris State University deals with this issue.  

M. Leake handed out a list of all the academic inventions offered by the CCSU Learning Center under TLC.  M. Leake spoke about the importance of making choices available that will make a difference.  The committee discussed whether all students who have not completed a FYE course should participate in an intervention, or just the students who are not in good standing. 

Referring to students who are about to graduate and have not successfully completed a FYE course, the committee has agreed to have the Faculty Director of FYE sign off on the requirement for graduation.

5.       Assessment data

a.       Access2 Success and Fall 2010 Retention data

C. Pudlinski mentioned that 76% retention is a huge drop from past years.  We lost about 40 more students than we typically do.  We lost 190 students, 120 of which were in good standing.  M. Leake mentioned that there is no explanation for this.  S. Hazan suggested that it might be due to the economic climate.  M. Leake shared with the committee that retention is down throughout the system. 

b.      FYE101 vs. Embedded (Fall 2010)

C. Pudlinski handed out the form “Fall 2009 (vs. Fall 2010) Results: Results FYE Outcomes Assessment Summary.”  J. Conway looked at whether having a peer leader made a difference.  C. Pudlinski highlighted that there was a small difference. 

S. Hazan mentioned that freshmen tend not to engage, and his department is working to change that.  C. Pudlinski talked about how a lot of freshmen were involved in high school and they are not involved at CCSU and they miss it.  He posed the question, “how do we facilitate that?”  S. Hazan brought up the point that no one is forcing them, freshman are used to being scheduled.     

6.       FYE course proposal: HUM100 (see forwarded e-mail)

This item was tabled. 


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