October 6, 2008 Minutes  

Minutes in red and in italics for FYE Steering Committee Meeting

Monday, October 6   12:45-1:45 (RVAC 320) AGENDA items in black

1.       Review minutes of September 2008 meeting

Minutes approved by all committee members

2.       Discussion: The role of full-time vs. part-time faculty in FYE

1.       It's not a black and white issue.  Some faculty members have spent considerable time at CCSU and have taught FYE, but may change status from full-time to part-time.

2.       Campus familiarity is essential.  Interpretation of quality of instruction is important and there should not be categorical exclusion of capable part-time faculty.

3.       Many Math 101 instructors are part-time and half of the first-time students not in FYE are enrolled in a section of Math 101.

4.       Should not be highly encouraged, but make exceptions for the right people.  Part-time may not be involved enough or have office hours. (PB)

5.       “Right person” would be a long-standing adjunct with strong commitment.  Math, English, Psych adjuncts have office hours. (ML)

6.       No first-time faculty members should conduct an FYE course.  Training is necessary. PT faculty members should have a mentor from their department and be recommended by chair

7.       Part-time faculty teaching FYE should not become the norm.  Revisit specifics in spring.

3.       Brief Update on recruiting additional faculty and/or courses for Fall 2009 participation

a.        Handout

                                                                           i.      Carol Ciotto – PE 111 and EXS 113 (O'Neill?)

                                                                          ii.      Having an instructor teach just the FYE portion of a combined section is acceptable and can keep things clean and separate although some E & T faculty didn't favor it

4.       Update: Information on Fall 2008 enrollment and Spring 2009 FYE classes

a.        Handout: Students not registered for FYE

b.       Handout: Updated list of FYE courses for Spring 2009

c.        Registering students into Spring 2009 FYE courses

                                                                           i.      Add an FYE 101?

                                                                          ii.      Hopefully get all 7 Psych majors lacking FYE in PSY 236 section

                                                                        iii.      Dr. Gigliotti will have students enroll in ENG 110 sections through department

                                                                        iv.      Dr. Pudlinski will send letters and emails to students not yet enrolled in FYE

                                                                          v.      Get list of Business majors who have not completed Accounting 211

5.       Review of 2008-2009 budget (2 handouts)

a.        Money to reimburse departments for faculty release time due to FYE 101 overload?

                                                                           i.      Budget represents what is absolutely needed

                                                                          ii.      Increase adjunct faculty budget to $24,000.

                                                                        iii.      Have money now to offer reimbursements for FYE 101; Depts. would pay for other courses w/ FYE

                                                                        iv.      Money can be given for reimbursement if a third Accounting FYE section is opened

                                                                          v.      Take budget for adjuncts forward to Paul Altieri for earmarking

                                                                        vi.      Increase “Other Expenses” so departments don't have to pay expenses for FYE sections (copying, supplies, resource materials)

6.       Issue: Students taking more than 1 FYE/LC…

a.        Proposal to designate all CRM 101 sections as eligible to meet FYE requirement (NOTE: 3 sections will still be assigned for First-Year students only every Fall.)

                                                                           i.      Approved. Inform Registrars that CRM 101 will fill FYE requirement, and make changes in Banner.

b.       How to deal with duplication in other circumstances (LC & major-only FYE; Honors Program and majors-only FYE, etc.)

                                                                           i.      Duplication issues will be discussed first at next month's meeting

c.        All E.O.P. students are currently required to take ID 102 (Master Student) in their first Fall semester:

                                                                           i.      Does this duplicate FYE 101?

                                                                          ii.      Should we designate these sections as eligible to meet FYE requirements?

                                                                        iii.      Should we make these FYE sections if the instructor completes FYE training this upcoming Spring?

7.       Update: FYE 101 course evaluations

                                                                           i.      CSU's standard evaluations help with consistency and Promotion & Tenure issues.  Will know in a month or two if a change will be made to this process for Fall 2009

8.       Should our minutes be publicly posted on the web?

                                                                           i.      Concern about publicly releasing budget information as well as discussion about full-time vs. part-time faculty.

9.       Any other business?

10.    Next Meeting: Monday, November 3, 12:45pm-1:45pm


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