September 2009 Minutes  

Committee Members in attendance:  Chris Pudlinski, Meg Leake, Laura Tordenti, Sean Walsh,  Jim Conway, and Peter Baumann

 1.       Approve minutes of May 2009 meeting

C. Pudlinski reported that the minutes from the May 2009 meeting were missing; therefore, there were no minutes to approve.

 2.       Update on Fall 2009 FYE enrollment

C. Pudlinski provided the committee with documentation regarding FYE enrollment for fall 2009.  This documentation included high level numbers (total enrollment as of 8/1/09 & 9/8/09) as well as detailed enrollment numbers for each section of FYE courses for the fall 2009 semester.  Pudlinski stated that there were a few over-enrolls and a few low enrolls.  The low enrolls were discussed.  Pudlinski discussed the students who were not enrolled in FYE this semester and the circumstances surrounding this.  Pudlinski stated that he needs to make a connection with the Latino ConnCAS program and questioned whether or not the students involved in this program needed an FYE course in the fall.  M. Leake stated that these students would still benefit from an FYE course in the fall.  Pudlinski stated that there was some duplicate enrollment in FYE courses, these numbers were also provided within the supplied documentation.    Pudlinski stated that he would be in contact with the Latino ConnCAS program regarding this situation.  Pudlinski stated the FYE courses were opened to transfer students this semester.  The question of whether or not FYE was a requirement for transfers coming to CCSU with fewer than 15 credits.  The answer was yes, FYE is a requirement for transfer students coming to CCSU with fewer than 15 credits.  The committee began to discuss whether or not first-year students should be restricted from dropping/withdrawing from FYE courses and Pudlinski moved the discussion to agenda item 7.

 3.       Thoughts about Spring 2010 FYE classes?

C. Pudlinski and M. Leake agreed that 4 sections of FYE during the SP10 semester would suffice.  It is anticipated that 84 seats are necessary for the Spring. 

The possibility to get the music FYE back was brought up as well as converting a history course to FYE

 4.       Brief update on FYE Training/Development (August 21)

C. Pudlinski reported that 6 faculty members from the Reading/Language Arts department were trained.

M. Leake discussed the conversion of the RDG 140 course to an FYE course.  She explained the course to the committee as well. 

The next FYE training day will be scheduled for May (not on a furlough day)

 5.       2009-10 Budget Update (Meg Leake)

M. Leake stated that a separate budget for FYE will not happen this year.  Questions remain about one-time funding.  Both M. Leake and C. Pudlinski stated that the budget will be a clearer next month.

C. Pudlinski discussed contracts for part-time faculty to get paid for FYE courses and that part-time stipend exists.

M. Leake stated that funds have been set aside for adjunct payroll and noted that the pay for some part-time FYE faculty needs to be confirmed.

 6.       Discussion:  Best strategies for co-curricular connections to FYE?

L. Tordenti stated that many courses have co-curricular components.  She mentioned the courses that  S. Hazen and C. Lovitt are involved in and how they are building in a community involvement component.  Tordenti expressed the need to define co-curricular activities; this could be service work, lecture attendance, or joining a club.  She also stressed the need to assess co-curricular activity.

C. Pudlinski mentioned the possibility of adding outcome measures to the end survey about the co-curricular component questioning what aspects were added.

C. Pudlinski, L. Tordenti, and M. Leake mentioned their meeting with other CSU schools to discuss their FYE programs.

C. Pudlinski stated he will contact Jane Fried about assessment of the co-curricular piece of FYE.

 7.       Discussion:  Should we restrict first-year students' abilities to drop/withdraw from courses?

Committee discussed the advantages and disadvantages of restricting first-year students' ability to drop or withdraw from courses.  Committee agreed that students should be able to drop/withdraw in the first year, but this action should require approval.  M. Leake stated that students should see their advisor for any schedule change in their first year and cited the statistic concerning graduation rates for students who receive a D, F or W during their first semester.  Leake also stated that this process would bring at-risk students to appropriate faculty/staff in an early warning fashion.  S. Walsh stated that one disadvantage to restricting students' abilities to drop/withdraw from courses is that administrative changes would be difficult (i.e. switching sections of a particular course).  C. Pudlinski suggested that the next step should be a discussion with Ken Poppe and Liz Hicks at CACE about restricting these abilities.

 8.       Discussion:  Should we explore peer mentoring within FYE (beginning Fall 2010)?

M. Leake stated that she is continuing to research the peer leader model.  This model will add support for the faculty in the classroom.  She stated there is a potential of having 60-65 strong students be peer mentors and they could continue in the spring to work with students.

C. Pudlinski mentioned ECSU's peer mentoring uses a 1 credit course to provide guidance to the mentors.  Questions related to the value, a pilot program, training, and compensation were brought up.

L. Tordenti mentioned that the peer mentors at ECSU received a stipend.

The importance of training and supervision of the mentors was stressed.

Committee discussed the possibility of a pilot program in the spring.

Committee agreed that this topic warrants more discussion followed by a meeting with Marty Levin from ECSU about this model (stated this might be scheduled for the November meeting).

 9.       Other business?

S. Walsh stated that there may be a change with the academic integrity policy and will keep the committee posted.

 10.   Next Meeting: October 6, 2009

Meeting will be at 11:00am at the same location


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