FYE Steering Committee Meeting Minutes- Wednesday, September 14, 2011


11:30a.m. ---1:00p.m. In RVAC106

Committee members in attendance: C. Pudlinski, S. Hazan, M. Levvis, P. Mihalek, M. Leake, J. Conway, M. Dischino, S. Mastrobattisto

1.      May 2011 meetings minutes were approved

2.      Updates:

C. Pudlinski provided the committee with documentation regarding FYE enrollment for Fall 2011. 

Pudlinski spoke about a drop in enrollment in Living Learning Communities.  CCSU ended up with more first year students than planned and it was difficult to add FYE sections.  1,316 students are enrolled in FYE courses. 

M. Leake spoke about email blast that TLC will send to students who do not have a FYE section.  S. Hazan suggested adding student programming to email blasts and requested the list; Leake will send it.

C. Pudlinski handed out a list of peer leaders.  P. Mihalek suggested leaving five minutes at the end of FYE sections, which have a peer leader, for the peer leader to speak to the class.  Pudlinski informed the committee that 17 of the 19 peer leaders were enrolled in FYE 301.  Two of the 19 were taking advantage of the certificate option, because they were already enrolled in 18 credits and taking FYE 301 would have been an added cost.  M. Leake and S. Mastrobattisto are going to design the certificate.  Pudlinski and the Provost will cosign a letter of appreciation that will be given to peer leaders.  This will serve as something that students can include in a portfolio.  Mihalek suggested that the letter be given to all peer leaders.

C. Pudlinski spoke about adding more FYE sections in the spring semester.  CACE will pre-enroll new students.  70-80 students will need a FYE section for the spring.  M. Leake observed that there are 136 seats in FYE based on the handout.  Pudlinski indicated that there still needs to be one more section added.  S. Hazan suggested PE 144 as a possible FYE section.

The committee discussed Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society.  M. Levvis and C. Pudlinski will meet to discuss inductees.  Pudlinski shared with the committee that 150 emails have been sent and over 30 students have expressed interest at this point.  Students will have until the end of the month to express interest.  The committee is expected to induct 50-60 students.  A postcard sent has been to the students' homes.  There will also be an e-mail reminder the following week.  The committee has developed nine leadership positions for Alpha Lambda Delta (any student who wants to have a role will have the opportunity).  The induction will be held on Thursday, October 27th in the Constitution Room at 6:00pm.  New members and officers will be inducted.  Local dues will cost ten dollars per person.  The Provost will make remarks at the ceremony.  The advisors are M. Levvis, Chris Pudlinski, Liz Hicks, and Ray Hernandez.   

3.      C. Pudlinski lead a discussion: Having sufficient FYE classes for Spring and Fall 2012. 

The committee talked about getting new departments involved in FYE.  Eight departments did not participate this fall; however, those departments have participated in the past.  28 out of 37 departments participated in FYE Fall 2011. 

The committee discussed whether non-academic faculty should teach FYE sections.  Many staff members have expressed interest in teaching FYE course.  If every academic department participates, there will be enough sections and all instructors would be teaching faculty.  M. Leake spoke about FYE being faculty driven.  The more staff members get involved, the fewer faculty members will be involved.  Leake posed the question to the committee, “What do we want our FYE program to be?”  J. Conway brought up the point that some faculty might not support academic credit for FYE, if it is not taught by faculty members.  Leake pointed out, this is a recurring issue, and having teaching faculty as instructors for FYE encourages faculty-student relationships. 

C. Pudlinski talked about funding part time faculty from Arts and Sciences.  We have part-time faculty teaching FYE.  The Provost raised questions about having all full-time faculty members teaching FYE.  Pudlinski mentioned that he talked to the Provost about the issue.  He believes having longstanding part time faculty as FYE faculty may be better than new full-time faculty teaching FYE sections and presented the rationale for utilizing specifically qualified part-time faculty.  The Provost views the program as a way for students to connect to faculty. 

S. Hazan suggested that we consider more faculty/staff co-teaching opportunities.  M. Leake talked about the CCSU FYE program being under-resourced, and a marriage between faculty and student affairs is a good idea.  Pudlinski mentioned there are benefits to co-teaching.

4.      Report on peer leader training sessions

S. Hazan mentioned that the peer leader training went well and that peer leaders were engaged.  C. Pudlinski thanked M. Leake, J. Conway, and S. Hazan for helping with training.  The committee wants the number of peer leaders to double for next year.

5.      Budget update (Meg Leake)

M. Leake talked about the budget and the frustration with the budget.  Leake suggested researching different FYE models.  Leake spoke about funding the program as it is here to stay.  FYE is part of improving student success.  This year we need to secure better funding.  Peer leader program and summer work are funded with one time funding.  C. Pudlinski discussed the fact that running the program with no money means no professional development funds.  Leake mentioned that things that got funding were student work, but did not involve paying faculty. 

Leake will present official numbers at next meeting.  Pudlinski suggested getting a sense of what was funded in order to get a sense of what needs funding. 

The committee will examine the budget in more detail at the next meeting.

6.      Excellence in Teaching First-Year Seminar Award

C. Pudlinski proposed the question of nominating someone for a national Excellence in Teaching First Year Experience Award.  M. Leake suggested Jim Conway as number one choice.  Pudlinski suggested Joan Nicoll-Senft as number two choice.  Nominees would have to provide information.  The deadline is October 3rd.  Pudlinski will present the two nominations to the Provost.     

7.      C. Pudlinski moved the discussion of the HUM 100 FYE course proposal to the next meeting

8.      Discussion: Annual Report & Goals for 2011-12

M. Leake suggested inviting SCSU to talk about the FYE program at SCSU.

9.      Next meeting: October 12, 2011

Meeting will be at 12:00pm at the same location.


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