September 8, 2008 Minutes  


Minutes in red and in italics for FYE Steering Committee Meeting

Monday, September 8   12:45-1:45 p.m. (RVAC 320)

AGENDA items in black

1.        Welcoming Remarks

2.       Information on Fall 2008 enrollment and Spring 2009 proposed FYE classes

a.       Handout: Current enrollment figures

b.      Handout: List of FYE courses for Spring 2009

3.       Discussion: please share information on the status of FYE in your School

School of Engineering and Technology-Peter Bauman

                FYE is embedded in all SOET FYE offerings

                Jacob Kovel and Pat Foster may be ready to contribute sections in Fall 09

School of Arts and Sciences-Jim Conway

                Psychology is considering multiple models for the future

                Expanding English and Math participation in the future is a real possibility. Chris P. will

                 have conversation with the Chairs.

School of Business-Paul Mihalek

                Fall offerings include:Bus101(w/embedded FYE), Act and MIS have FYE 101 attached. Resources are   always a concern.

School of Education and Professional Studies-Sean Walsh

                Fall offerings include SW, Nursing, PE 144 (general and for majors) Consideration is being given to targeting Exercise Science majors and adding another FYE PE 144.               

4.       Discussion: what items should we pursue as a committee in 2008-2009?

a.       Handout: FYE Action Plan

1-      Assessment: How are we going to know FYE makes a difference? How are we going to show that it works? We should invite Braden Hosch to a meeting to tap his expertise and assistance.  We should look at assessment from 2 perspectives-student feedback on the course and impact of the course on the student's academic career.

2-      Website additions- more activities and exercises

3-      Explore how we might tie FYE faculty development into new faculty orientation and how ongoing development might utilize release time.

5.       The role of FYE and the University Curriculum committee: 

a.       I would like to propose that the FYE Steering Committee be the decision-making body that decides upon all First Year Seminar proposals (regarding its Study or Skill Area, etc.).  This will then be forwarded to the General Education subcommittee for approval/revision. (to be discussed further at future meetings)

b.      I would also like to propose that the FYE Faculty Director be an ex officio member of the University Curriculum Committee General Education subcommittee (Committee members concur)

6.       E.O.P (Equal Opportunity program) and its connection to FYE and ID102

a.       All E.O.P students are currently required to take ID102 (Master Student) in their first Fall semester.  Should we designate these sections as FYE sections, if the instructor completes FYE training this upcoming Spring? (Consider that the course is taught by an Administrative Faculty member, consider the impact on students who are in majors that require FYE in their schools. To be discussed at future meetings.)

7.       The role of full-time vs. part-time faculty in FYE (to be discussed further at future meetings)

8.       Sharing of ideas for recruiting additional faculty and/or additional courses for Fall 2009 participation

a.       What venues are there for promoting/publicizing FYE in your School?

Sponsor a half day retreat on January 22, 2009.

Send a note to all faculty making them aware of the resources on the web and other support for FYE. 

Chris will be reporting to the Senate on Sept. 22

Geri Radasci is writing an article for the Courier and is looking for a student who benefitted from his/her FYE course experience.  

b.      Should we publicly post minutes of these meetings? (to be discussed at future meetings)

9.       Any other business?

10.   Next Meeting? (We will meet the first Monday of each month at 12:45 this semester.)

NOTE: If we don't get to all these items, we'll table those items to our October meeting


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