Lesson Plan Outline (for Peer Leaders)  



OBJECTIVES:  (What is it that you wish first-year students to understand, learn, do, etc.?)

HOW OBJECTIVES WILL BE MET:  (This should be a 2-3 paragraph narrative description of what you are trying to accomplish with this 50 minutes lecture/discussion/activity, connecting your objectives to what you plan to do.)

SOURCES USED: (List, in APA or MLA style, sources you references in designing your lesson plans.)

LESSON PLAN: (We recommend a detailed outline of your notes, descriptions of activities, and/or discussion questions, etc.  I've attached a sample for you. )

EVALUATION:  In this section, note any reading or homework assignments that should be done by the students prior to this lesson and/or any follow-up assignments you will assign students after this lesson is complete.  



All peer leaders should use this format for their required 50 minute teaching activity in their FYE class.   

This lesson plan/outline should be completed at least a week ahead of time and reviewed by your FYE instructor prior to performing this lesson in class.  

Remember, this assignment (the lesson plans, the preparation, the actual lesson/activity) will  be a significant part of your overall FYE301 grade, and a majority of the 35% of your FYE301 grade that will be assessed by your faculty mentor.

Completed lesson plans should be handed in, after your lesson, to both your FYE professor/mentor and to your FYE301 instructors.

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