How To Communicate With Your Professor (contributed by Marc DelValle, Megan Funaro, Elizabeth Mashiak, Lauren Petersen and Nicholas Thomas)  


While being an FYE Peer Leader, communication with your professor is important in order for both of you to appear as a team in front of your class. Although both of you have a different role, it's important that your students feel like they can trust both of you, and come to both of you with a problem.

Communication is also important if you have ideas, lesson plans, and advice you hope to share with your students. If you have a good relationship with your teacher, they might allow you to do more. It will also allow you to feel comfortable enough with your teacher to ask for more leeway and time to present your ideas with your class.

Here are some tips and tricks to communicating more effectively with your professor:

         Before schools starts, sit down with your professor to discuss your ideas for the upcoming semester, and establish a relationship before school starts.

         Discuss themes that you want to discuss during the year.

         Brainstorm ideas for your lesson plan with your professor in order to get their feedback.

         Setup regular meeting times (e.g., once a week).

         Once you have established a relationship, begin to ask for more freedom with your class.

         Stay in communication with your teacher.

         If you run into problems with your teacher, and talking it out with them does not work, try talking to your FYE 301 instructors.

Always remember, the more you communicate with your teacher, the better class will be.

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