Ways To Communicate With Students (contributed by Marc DelValle, Megan Funaro, Elizabeth Mashiak, Lauren Petersen and Nicholas Thomas)  



-          Stand in front of the classroom alongside the teacher inputting information

o   Don't stand as a bystander; GET INVOLVED

-          During group activities, jump from group to group instead of standing at the front of the classroom waiting for the activity to be over

-          Mingle before and after class

-          Celebrate student achievement

-          Share experiences, struggles, and successes you have  had as often as you can

 *The development of your relationship does not end when your class time is over. Forming bonds outside of the classroom is just as important as inside the class room.


-          Collegiate Link

-          Social Networks

o   Facebook

o   Twitter

-          Organize Study Sessions

-          Plan Group Activities on campus

o   Devil's Den at 10p

o   CAN Movies

o   Theatre/concert events

-          Plan Group Activities off campus

o   Bowling

With this increased communication amongst your group, your hope is to make your Freshman comfortable with their first semester at college. You will help them understand their campus resources, achieve their full potential, teach them to learn from their mistakes, as well as foster friendships.

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