Embedded ENGR 150 FYE classes and the CCSU community
(contributed by Scott Werkheiser and Spencer Karoll)


Besides giving valuable student-perspective to the instructor, the peer leader can help guide new students in SE&T. Experience in engineering and technology is more than just classes that must be taken. There are plenty of other opportunities that peer leaders take advantage of that freshman probably don't know about. Clubs such as Human Powered Vehicle, Moon Buggy or F1 Car are excellent chances for students to become involved in SE&T. It serves a resume builder, but also connects students to other students with the same interests or major. Clubs are a great way for students to become involved with Central as well as their academic school. It is appropriate for the peer leader to emphasize these clubs and how they students can find more information about them or how to join. There are also other opportunities for students such a work co-ops and internships that older students have done. They can give their opinion about them to the students and the best preparation for them. Other resources for SE&T students include usage of facilities such as computer labs or machines or where they can go to find information or help, such as the tutoring center in Copernicus.

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