Challenges for the embedded peer leader
(contributed by
Scott Werkheiser and Spencer Karoll)


In an embedded FYE section, the peer leader must work to agree with the set curriculum and should contribute to both FYE and the academic subject matter. It is difficult to fit into the course another element, but if the peer leader was modified slightly for embedded classes it can be a valuable addition to the course.  It's not to say that a peer leader is not effective in an Engineering classroom, but their roles should differ from a non embedded FYE101 class.

To wrap things up, peer leaders in embedded classes should have different training than those in non embedded classes. The structure of the class is just too different. An upperclassman engineering student in ENGR150 fits this bill very well. He or she can give experience into the class because they have taken most of the classes in the program already. Peer leaders in embedded classes have to sit mostly through lectures.  So they should be prepared to almost be a teacher's assistant.  The peer must be aware of this before agreeing to be a peer leader, because it is a very rigorous job. They need to have good public speaking skills, and good organization.  This semester was a huge learning experience for us in the embedded class, and we hope these suggestions can help subsequent peer leaders.

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