Peer Leader Information (Fall 2013)  


All Peer Leaders should enroll in the 2 credit FYE 301: Peer Leadership Seminar, held during the fall semester.*  Two sections are scheduled for Fall 2013: Monday 8:40-10:40 a.m., or Friday 10:50 a.m.- 12:50 p.m.  The course will meet 6 times over the course of the semester, with most meetings occurring in September.

Leaders must also attend FYE 101 classes (or a 50-75 minute equivalent) for their assigned section and act as a role model for the students in the First-Year Program.   

1.                   Training Requirements/Sessions

a.       Attend Peer Leader training (on May 2, 2013: Reading Day) (peers new to the program only).

b.      Attend a half-day Peer Leader training session (late August, 2013, 9-1; peers new to the program only).

c.       Participate in an FYE session on Opening Weekend.


2.                   Working with your FYE 101 faculty member:

a.       Meet with your Faculty Sponsor during the summer (e.g., to develop and plan the FYE 101 syllabus and other activities).

b.      Leaders are required to attend all outside of class activities with the FYE course to which they are assigned.

c.       Leaders should meet periodically (weekly) with the First-Year Program faculty members they are assisting.  

d.      Leaders should be active participants in the FYE101 course:

                                                               i.      Required to give at least one 50-minute lecture/discussion on a topic of their choosing (in consultation with the faculty member)

                                                             ii.      Recommended to have “up front time” with the class each week (for timely announcements, reminders, etc.)

                                                            iii.      Required to participate in (and help facilitate) in-class activities and discussions.

e.      Consult with your FYE101 instructor (or the FYE faculty director) when you face a situation that makes you uncomfortable or when you experience a conflict or dilemma


3.                    Participation in FYE 101 classes (and with the FYE 101 students)

a.       Leaders are required to meet with their students at least once during the semester outside of the classroom (e.g., for group participation in a campus activity). This will require active organization by the peer leader. 

b.      Leaders are encouraged to involve their class in campus cultural activities (such as campus events, lectures, sporting events, etc.). 

c.       Leaders are encouraged to help students connect to on-campus clubs and on-campus support resources (as needed)  

d.      Study groups are neither encouraged nor discouraged.

e.      Leaders should “be there” (as help and support) for first-year students.

 f.  Leaders should connect to first-year students outside of the classroom and/or online (as appropriate).

4.                   University Responsibilities

a.       Peer leaders will uphold all the rules and regulations of the University, including academic integrity, in order to serve as role models for first year students.

b.      Overall, leaders should work as a team with their FYE 101 instructor and with fellow peer leaders, fulfilling their responsibilities with respect and consideration for all team members, including the first year students. 

c.       Peer leaders will maintain the relationship of “Peer Leader” to all the other students. 

d.      Peer leaders should avoid acting in a role beyond the scope of the service for which they were selected and trained; they should NOT offer “professional services” requiring more extensive qualifications and trainings (e.g., refer them to the appropriate campus service, such as Counseling & Wellness, instead)

*For those few peer leaders, who would incur additional tuition expense and exceed 18 total credits by registering for FYE 301, an alternate Peer Leadership Certificate option is available, upon request.  Peer leaders choosing the 0 credit Certificate option will still be required to attend the FYE 301 class and complete all assignments in the FYE 301 “course,” in order to earn the Certificate. 


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