Brain Dominance & Learning



Choose the answer that is most like you.  If you cannot choose, circle both.


1.     When the professor's lecture moves from detail to detail and then ends with “and the conclusion is…” I often think:

    1. I can understand how he reached the conclusion.

G.    Why didn't he just say that at the beginning so those details would have made some sense?


  1. The old saying that is most true of me is:

    1. I don't see the forest for the trees (I see the details).

G.    I don't see the trees for the forest (I see the big picture).


  1. I solve problems by:

    1. Looking at all the parts first.

G.    Looking at the whole picture first.


  1. My writing is more likely to:

    1. Have a lot of details.

G.    Have a strong conclusion and thesis statement.


  1. When organizing my school work, I:

    1. Have a daily planner and have everything divided by subject and assignments.

G.    Have a general idea about what's due and when.


  1. When I look back at the notes I took in class I find that:

    1. I have the details I need to study.

G.    I didn't write everything down that I need to study.


  1. When listening to music:

    1. I hear and usually remember the words of the song.

G.    I hear the music and have an idea of what the song is about.


  1. I am a:

    1. Detail oriented person

G.    Big picture person


  1. When I work in a group, I am the one:

    1. Who figures out the details of the project.

G.    With the “big ideas” for the project.


  1. I find that I am better at:

    1. Remembering names

G.    Remembering faces


Count the number of each letter you have circled. 


A = Analytic learner (left-brained): _______

G = Global learner (right-brained): _______

A tie means you are an integrated learner (you use both sides of your brain evenly).

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