CACE Advising Assignment  


The Center for Advising and Career Exploration

10 points

Due at the beginning of class on October 21st.

On campus, find the Center for Advising and Career Exploration.

Make an appointment to meet with an advisor.

Talk to them about the items in your reflection:

·         In 10 years, what do you see yourself doing with your major. Discuss this with your advisor and write down a summary of your conversation.

·         Ask them how many people graduate with your choice of major per year and what percentage do to graduate/medical school, industry, and/or government employment. Ask how many are currently not employed in a field that represents their major course of study and why.  Write down a summary of your conversation.

·         Ask them about the core courses in your major… the offered by your home Department. [For a Chemistry major, these would be the Chemistry courses… For a Biochemistry major, these would be the Chemistry and Biomolecular Science courses.]

·         Talk to the advisor about the courses in your major that you have apprehension about. What do they advise in order to prepare yourself to overcome this apprehension?

·         What is their take on the importance of general education?


       (Contributed by Guy Crundwell)

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