Campus Activity Journal


For this assignment you are to attend one CCSU related event on Campus.  It can be a sporting event, a cultural event, a CCSU sponsored social event, or even an academic event.  You must do this assignment by Thanksgiving.   After you have attended the event, you need to write a 400 word journal about your experiences of attending that event.  There are many things you can mention:  for example- What was the event? Who was holding the event?  Did you go by yourself? Or with a group of people?  Did you interact with anyone else at the event?  How important do you think that event is to CCSU.  Was it well attended?  Do you feel this event helps to promote campus unity?  Did attending the event expand your knowledge?  Was this event free or did you have to pay for it?  Would you attend this event again or a similar event.  Do you feel more connected with CCSU after attending this event?  Also, please feel free to include anything else about this event that you would like to add.


(Contributed by Sean Walsh)

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