Personal Coat of Arms Instructions  

Make drawings for five of the blocks.


In the first section, draw a picture to represent one thing you are very, very good at, and one picture to represent something you are struggling to get better at.


In the second section, draw a picture to represent one value from which you would simply "never" budge. It is a deep commitment.


In the third section, draw a picture to represent the material possession most significant to you.          I


In the fourth section, draw two pictures, one to represent your greatest achievement of the past year and the other to show your biggest setback, failure, or defeat.                                                I


In the fifth section, show what you would do with your life if you had one year to do whatever you wanted and would be guaranteed success in anything you undertook.   I


Finally, in the sixth session, place three words (qualities) which you would like to have associated with you. These could become your personal motto, words to live by.       I












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