End Of Semester Time Management



Time Management/End of Semester Assignment):

This is a time management exercise (a good way to reduce stress by controlling your situation).  You will need to go through the steps we discussed in class:

1. List all your exams, papers, projects, and assignments due between now and the end of final exams.   ** Write them in the list below and turn it in **  Use the back of this sheet if you need more space.

2. For each one you list, estimate and write on the list how much time you'll need to spend; e.g., how many hours will you need to study for your Psy 112 exam?

Description (Exam, Paper, Project, etc.)


Due date/

Exam date

Estimate of hours needed to prepare






































3. Fill out Weekly Time Sheets (attached) for the next two weeks:

            (a) Monday Nov. 26 through Sunday Dec. 2, and

            (b) Monday Dec. 3 through Sunday Dec. 9

            a. For each week, fill in (block off) all your commitments (classes, work, etc.)

            b. Then block off times you will study for/work on your exams, papers, etc. - ** Indicate on the time diary what exam you will be studying for, what paper you will be writing, etc.


4. Turn in this completed handout (with list/estimated times, and two completed weekly time sheets) on Monday, Nov. 26 (keep copies).

(Contributed by Jim Conway)


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