Exercise on Taking an Essay Exam  


Directions: Read each of the following essay questions.  In each question, underline the TOPIC, circle the LIMITING WORD, and place a box around the KEY WORD.

*        A KEY WORD tells what type of details are required / what you are going to do.

*        A LIMITING WORD give the specific details required / you are going to do what.

 1.  Discuss the long-term effects of the trend towards smaller, more self-contained family structures.


2.  Trace the development of monopolies in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in America.



3.  Explain one effect of the Industrial Revolution upon each of three of the following:


                        a.) transportation                   b.)capitalism               c.) population growth


                        d.) socialism                            e.)communication      d.) scientific research



4.  Discuss the reasons why, although tropical plants have very large leaves and most desert plants have very small leaves, cactus grows equally well in both habitats.



5.  Describe the events leading up to the War of 1812.



6.  Compare and contrast the therapeutic techniques used in Gestalt and Person-Centered therapy.



7.  Define a society and name three aspects of behavior that are usually found within a society.



8.  Contrast the Malthusian view and the Cornucopian view towards non-renewable resource supplies.



9.  Distinguish between qualitative and quantitative approaches to research and give some of the key advantages and limitations of each approach.



10.  Illustrate how metaphor and simile are used in both Carl Sandberg's “Chicago” and Robert Frost's “Mending Wall.”


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