FYE Toolkit/Individual Meetings  
(contributed by Jim Conway)

This assignment has two parts:

1. go through a website I've created for helping first-semester students deal with challenges and difficulties that tend to come up during the first college semester (it's called the 'FYE-Toolkit').

2. Meet with me at my office to talk about how the semester is going so far.

Part I: FYE Toolkit

Here's what you need to do:

1. Go to http://www.psychology.ccsu.edu/conway/fyetoolkit/.  The Toolkit is a combination of two things: (a) an interview that allows you to do a self-assessment, and (b) advice based on your answers to interview questions.

The questions deal with three main areas: (1) Time Management, (2) Academic Adjustment, and (3) Social Adjustment.

You should end up answering 5 or 6 questions (some questions may or may not be appropriate for you depending on whether you live on campus etc.).

2. Be prepared to discuss these questions when we meet individually:

a. Based on the feedback you got, in which of the three areas do you seem pretty well adjusted?  In which areas are you not yet as well adjusted?

b. What (if anything) did you learn from the feedback/advice?  E.g., you might have learned about particular strategies for doing well in classes, or about offices on campus available to support students.

Part II: Individual Meeting

You need to schedule a meeting with me to discuss the FYE Toolkit; please see my sign-up sheet.

You must complete the FYE Toolkit before our meeting.

** Bring your Psy 112 notebook with you to the meeting **

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