Fact Facts for CCSU Students' Success



GRADES MATTER!:  The grade point average (GPA) you earn your first semester will more than likely be very close to the grade point average with which you will graduate.  Academic success is important from the start! 


(1) 65% of first-year full-time students at Central reported that they intend to earn masters, doctoral, or other graduate degrees.


(2) Only 9% of students who received a grade point average (GPA) under a 2.0

in their first semester graduated within 6 years! 


(3) Only 40% of first-year full-time students who received just ONE D, F, or withdrew from a course in their first semester, graduated within 6 years!!! 


(4) You will be on Academic PROBATION if your grade point average (GPA) falls

below a 2.0. 


(5) If you have a question regarding your plan of study, visit your ADVISER.

(Don't know who s/he might be? Check out CentralPipeline for the answer!)


(6) Having a campus job, becoming involved in a student organization, connecting

with someone in a class and taking part in intramural sports are good ways to meet

new people on campus.  (Check out clubs at http://clubs.ccsu.edu and intramurals at http://stdctr.ccsu.edu/recentral/)


(7) When you are struggling with academics, the following resources are available for


The Tutoring Lab in the Learning Center Willard 101

Your professor's office hours

Academic Coaching, Willard 101

Student Disability Service Office, Willard 101-04

The Writing Center, Willard 115




(8) It is NOT recommended to work more than 16 hours a week as a full-time college student.


(9) It IS recommended that you study 2 to 3 hours for each hour in class to earn good grades. 


(10) It is important to READ your class syllabus.  You always want to be aware of

what each class requires from you…No surprises!

(developed by the Learning Center staff in 2009)


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