Final First Semester Assessment Paper  


FINAL JOURNAL FOR FYE 101 (5% of FYE101 grade)

First, as your final journal, reflect back upon the successes and failures (in terms of academic and social adjustment to college life) by completing the following statements*:

1.      I most want to change _______________________________

2.      My biggest barrier is ________________________________

3.      The resources I will use to be successful are _________________________

4.      I will reward myself by _____________________________________

5.      The consequences for not achieving the results I want will be _______________

(*Taken from p. 13-13 of Peak Performance, by S. K. Ferrett, 2005)


FINAL TAKE-HOME EXAM FOR FYE 101 (15% of your total FYE101 grade)

This must be typed and at least 3 pages long.  Building upon some of the items you brainstormed above, you must successfully write a paper, supporting a thesis assessing your first semester at CCSU (e.g., “My first semester at CCSU was easier than expected”; “Procrastination and poor time management is the biggest obstacle for my academic success.”) 

To organize the paper, have an introductory paragraph with an attention-getting example and a clear thesis statement.  Then, develop at least 3 sub-claims in 3 (or more) subsequent paragraphs that support this thesis with reasons and evidence from your FYE class and other semester-long experiences.  Finally, you need a concluding paragraph(s) that summarizes the 3 sub-claims and sets forth an agenda for action (to continue what you've done or make necessary changes) that you will implement next semester.

This is due on the date of our final exam.


(contributed by Chris Pudlinski)










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