General Education Requirements


(44-46 credits)

Student's Name:




Registration Date and Time: 


Study Areas

Study Area I:  Arts & Humanities (9 credits)

ENG literature ________________ (3)



No more than six credits may be taken from one discipline; exposes students to classes in religion, philosophy, and fine arts. 

Study Area II:  Social Sciences (9 credits)

HIS _________________________(3)



No more than six credits may be taken from one discipline; exposes students to economics, history, geography, and political science

Study Area III:  Behavioral Sciences (6 credits)



Exposes students to classes in anthropology, sociology, psychology, etc.

Study Area IV:  Natural Sciences (6 or 7 credits)


_____________________________(3 or 4)

One class with a lab is required; Exposes students to classes in biology, biomolecular science, chemistry, earth science, and physics. 

Skill Areas

Skill Area I:  Communication Skills (6 credits)

English 110 ______________(3)


Skill Area II:  Mathematics (6 credits)



Mathematics course appropriate to student's major plus one additional mathematics or computer science course 

Skill Area III:  Foreign Language Proficiency (0-6) credits.

You must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language before grading from Central.  You can fulfill this in several ways (check one):

  • Three sequential years of one foreign language at the high school level ________
  • Successful completion of one second semester level (or higher) CCSU foreign language course (112)  __________
  • Passing a standardized exam ______________
  • Demonstration of native proficiency in a language other than English as tested by an appropriate faculty member or the chair of Modern Languages ______________

Skill Area IV:  University Requirement (2 or 3 credits)

PE 144 __________________________

PE 144 is required of all students entering with fewer than 15 credits and should be taken in the student's first year at Central.   

* * * * * * * *

International Requirement:  Each student must complete six credits in courses designated as “international.”  International courses are indicated by [I] at the end of their course descriptions, which begin on page 121 of your catalogue.



First-Year Experience:  Required for all students with fewer than 15 credits and to be taken in the student's first semester.


(Handout created by Aimee Pozorski)

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