Personal Profile of Learning Style  


Locus of Control Score: _____________


Modality Strength:

                ________ Auditory

            ________ Visual

            ________ Kinesthetic


Brain Dominance:

                _______ Left

            _______ Right

            _______ Integrated



Environment Factors:

The best time of day for me to concentrate is __________________________________________.

The place I like to concentrate best is __________________________________________________.

The class I like to study for first is ______________________________________________________.

Check those that apply:

            _____ I like background noise when I'm concentrating.

            _____ I like quiet when I'm concentrating.

            _____ I need bright, overhead lights when I'm trying to concentrate.

            _____ I need low lights when I concentrate.

            _____ I need lamplight that shines directly on the material I am studying.

            _____ I study best sitting at my desk, the kitchen table, or a library cubby.

            _____ I concentrate best in a warm room.

            _____ I concentrate best in a cool room.

Complete your action plan after the learning styles/study strategies lecture:


Summary of what I will do to better focus on my academic achievement, based on what I have

learned about my learning preferences.

Action Plan: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________




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