What is your Learning Style/Modality?


Directions:  Circle the response(s) that best describes you.

1.     When I give directions, I usually:

V.    Draw a map or write them down, visualizing how to get there.

A.   Explain how to get there: “go right, left, then right….”

K.   Explain how to get there with lots of hand motions for right, left, straight.  I can   

 feel myself traveling the route I'm taking.

2.    I learn new things best:

V.    By reading about it or seeing illustrations, graphs or pictures.

A.   Listening to a lecture or having someone tell me about it.

K.   By trying to do something with the information such as solve a problem, make a

chart, or take notes on the new information.

3.     When I am writing a paper and get stuck, I

      K.   Get up and move around to jar my thinking.

      A.   Read what I've written out loud or talk about it with someone, and it helps get

me going again.

      V.   Look for more information in my notes or resource materials or reading it over

from the beginning.


Circle all statements that apply to you from the list below.

K.    I like to learn through real experience.

A.    I like to learn from lectures.

V.   I like to learn through the assigned readings.

A.    I remember names, but forget faces.

V.   I remember faces, but forget names.

K.    I use a lot of hand gestures when I talk.

A.    My favorite classes involve expert lectures from the professor.

K.    My favorite classes base the grade on projects that require me to use course content to create something.

V.    My favorite classes involve discussing required readings, because I like to learn course content by reading first and talking about what I've read.

A.  I like class discussions because I like to hear about things before I read about them.

K.  In class, I often find myself fidgeting, tapping my pencil, or shifting in my seat.

V.    Lectures make a lot more sense when I have read the material first.


Count the number of each letter you have circled.  Your modality preference goes from highest to lowest.  Use all your modalities in the order of preference to learn best!


            A = Auditory (you learn by hearing things): ________

            V = Visual (you learn by seeing things): _______

            K = Kinesthetic (you learn by experiencing things): _______

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