Newspaper Activity


(15 minutes)




  • Hand out a copy of The Recorder to each student.

  • Go through the paper and look at the headlines only.

  • Put a check mark next to the headlines of articles you WOULD read, and cross out headlines of articles you WOULD NOT read.

  • Why did you choose the headlines you chose? Discuss why they checked headlines and write their responses on the board. 

  • Look at the headlines you didn't check.  Why don't you want to read these articles? Write their answers on the board.



  • Ask the students to think about the Sunday paper.

  • What section would you choose to read and why?  (Go around the room).

  • Choose an example of a section they chose (i.e. Sports, Comics, Classifieds).  Ask these particular students what question(s) they have in their mind before they begin to read the articles.  What answers are they looking for?



Generally, we read the newspaper with a built in desire to learn about what we are INTERESTED in.  This curiosity makes us actively involved in the reading process.  The reading strategies taught in Master Student provide students with a strategy for “manufacturing curiosity” before you read in order to pay closer attention during the reading process. This strategy is called ACTIVE READING.


Active Reading = reading with the purpose of answering questions



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